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Can Eric Adams Save NYC From Itself?

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The Jewish Voice supported Eric Adams’ run for the Democrat nomination to run for Mayor of our great city and we congratulate his victory in the recent primary. Being a Democrat candidate in the City, it’s almost a surety that he will be residing in Gracie Mansion after November 2nd. Jumping from being Brooklyn’s Borough President to Mayor is a major, exponential step. But we’d like to offer some advice to Eric.

Eric, the city is in chaos and disrepair. People are in despair. In combination with the Chinese Virus pandemic, the city is realistically falling apart. City services are at an all time low. Kids have lost a year of education and our schools are still not up and running as they should be. Parents are alarmed at the teacher union’s and Board of Education’s lunacy love affair with the Critical Race Theory. Garbage collection is at a snail’s pace. Subway’s are close to running not even close to horse and buggy speed. Lifetime New Yorkers, especially those with big bucks and heavy tax bills, are flying like scared sparrows to other states. Retailers, the high end ones, the magnet for foreigners to come to the city to shop, together with tourist attractions, Broadway and the flavor of the city are down on their knees. Before the Big Apple flat-lines, there is much for you to consider but mainly re-consider.

You must start with the basics and that would be the safety and security of your citizens. They are frightened to walk their own streets. Women don’t dare to push baby carriages to the druggee controlled parks. Crime is the number one problem and you must work with the NYPD to clear it up. Career criminals, no matter what race or colors must be sent away for long periods of time in order to remove them from the streets where they now are free to plunder, rob, burn and murder, with no real penalties inflicted. Stop and frisk must again be the rule in high crime areas. You must repair City Hall’s relationship with the NYPD. No more harassing and threatening of our cops by courts and city officials. They must feel confident you are backing and standing up for them.

Parents must have faith in the school system that their kids are getting an education equal to that New Yorkers of old experienced 60 years ago. Higher standards for teachers, supervisors must be re-instituted. School Chancellor, Meisha Porter, who serves at your pleasure, must be removed and replaced with a competent leader. A previous editorial of ours pointed out her incompetency to run our school system.

Measures must be taken to revitalize our retail industry and restaurants, now reeling from the last administration’s inept handling of the pandemic. They must be given the green light to fully reopen. Tax breaks and incentives to remodel and restock must be approved. No more plywood coverings on windows must be necessary for their safety.

The maintenance and security of the subways is crucial. That’s how workers get to work and shoppers get to the stores. The horror of recent flooding of the system indicates much is needed to uplift its safety and reliability. Train schedule punctuality must improve.

Eric, these are only the minimal basics that must be attended to immediately, in order to save our beloved city. We backed you and now we deserve our reward…..a better, safer, glorious city with you as its leader. Good luck!

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