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Johns Hopkins Simulation From 2017 “SPARS 2025-2028” Mirrors COVID Pandemic

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(TJVNEWS.COM) In 2017, a team of experts at the Johns Hopkins Center for Health Security published a scenario as part of a training exercise that they believed could happen in the not-so-distant future.

TJV News reported last year on The Rockefeller Foundation’s Lock Step simulation from 2010 and Gates foundation’s “Event 201″Together with John Hopkins University- Center for Public health and the World Economic Forum- both simulations which eerily resembled the current COVID pandemic.

This latest unearthed simulation which was first briefly reported on in October last year has only recently started making its rounds online and has gained the attention of General Flynn who actually calling for investigations into the simulation exercise.

This is the general breakdown of this simulation. It is quite amazing similar this simulation is to the actual current news of the last 15 months. The entire document is linked HERE

Centers for Disease Control and Prevention confirms the victims were infected with a novel coronavirus, SPARS-CoV.

Nothing is known about this novel coronavirus. There is no rapid diagnostic test. There are no known treatments. And there is no vaccine.

It’s not long before the SPARS outbreak erupts into a global pandemic.

The CDC finds SPARS is transmitted through respiratory droplets and recommends that everyone practice hand hygiene and frequently disinfect surfaces. Experts learn that SPARS has a long incubation period– 7 to 10 days– and that it can be spread by asymptomatic carriers. Pregnant women and those with underlying conditions like asthma and emphysema are at a higher risk for complications and death. The WHO begins to recommend social distancing and isolation of suspected cases.

There is hope that an existing antiviral drug could help treat SPARS, but there have been no randomized controlled trials. The US Food and Drug Administration issues an Emergency Use Authorization for this drug to treat SPARS patients. Soon, there is high public demand for the drug and millions of doses are dispensed from the Strategic National Stockpile. However, it soon becomes apparent that the drug can cause serious side effects.

Things become political. Republicans voice their support of the drug while Democrats express doubt. America is more connected yet more divided than ever. Rumors and misinformation regarding the virus and potential treatments circulate on social media. The economy takes a hit as the pandemic drags on. Within a year, a potential vaccine begins expedited review and there are promises that tens of millions of doses will be available within a few months. But of the hundreds of millions of people living in the US, who will get the vaccine first?

Some other interesting highlights:

  • “As the pandemic tapered off, several influential politicians and agency representatives came under fire for sensationalizing the severity of the event for perceived political gain. As with many public health interventions, successful efforts to reduce the impact of the pandemic created the illusion that the event was not nearly as serious as experts suggested it would be. President Archer’s(fictional) detractors in the Republican Party seized the opportunity to publicly disparage the President and his administration’s response to the pandemic, urging voters to elect “a strong leader with the best interests of the American people at heart.” “
  • “The Corovax vaccination program met resistance from several groups: alternative medicine proponents, Muslims, African Americans, and anti-vaccination activists. Initially operating independently, these groups banded together via social media to increase their influence.”
  • How might federal health authorities avoid people possibly seeing an expedited SPARS vaccine development and testing process as somehow “rushed” and inherently flawed, even though that process still meets the same safety and efficacy standards as any other vaccine?
  • “As time passed and more people across the United States were vaccinated, claims of adverse side effects began to emerge.”

The similarities are uncanny, including strategies for the MSM, presidents, and celebrities being used to encourage people to take the vaccines – to the actual fatality rates being ‘predicted’ along with the numbers, to tweets and marketing campaigns, to “isolation procedures”.

Take a look at the document and see the parallels you can draw from this exercise to the actual COVID pandemic, it is quite interesting



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