Andrew Cuomo Must Resign Immediately

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For New York State Governor Andrew Cuomo, it has become crystal clear in the last few weeks that his political aspirations have come to a screeching halt.

The son of Mario Cuomo, (one of New York’s beloved governors and one who definitely made an indelible impact on the lives of those who reside in the Empire State) Andrew has now fallen short, way short of the mark.

While holding daily news conferences at the outset of the coronavirus, Cuomo had copious amounts of time to soak in the celebrity spotlight and even write a book about his experiences while navigating through the dreaded virus. He was even nominated and won an Emmy award for his series of well crafted performances and all looked quite rosy for the New York governor’s future career in politics.

Then the fateful decision of March 25th would come back and haunt Cuomo. He and his health czar Howard Zucker put their heads together and decided to transfer recovering Covid patients from hospitals to nursing facilities in order to make room for even more Covid patients that were filling New York-area hospitals. The problem is that there was more than plenty of room for Covid patients in the NYC area as the Javits Center was converted into a top-notch, full-scale hospital and a military hospital ship was parked in New York Harbor.  All courtesy of President Trump, of course.

Now we learn that the numbers presented to us from the governor’s office of those nursing home residents who lost their lives unnecessarily because of becoming infected by the coronavirus was way larger than we originally thought. Cuomo’s own secretary and assistant spilled the truth during a video conference call. The figures of those who actually died of corona pretty much matched the numbers that New York Attorney General Letitia James presented in her report after a lengthy investigation of the matter.

If all that were not bad enough, it appears that women who have been sexually harassed by Cuomo have now intrepidly come forward with their very credible allegations. As of the time of this printing, we have learned that in addition to former Cuomo staffers, Lindsey Boylan and Charlotte Bennett who have thus far registered their allegations of sexual misconduct against him, a third woman, Anna Ruch has also charged Cuomo with harassment.

Moreover, the frightening discovery that we have made is that there is a dark side to Cuomo, a  REALLY DARK SIDE to the governor’s complex personality. He is also known as a hard-nosed bully, someone who intimidates at will, threatens people, and even orders staff in his press office to do the same. So, if someone gets on the wrong side of Cuomo, that person will be subjected to mafia-like tactics by the governor and his cadre of foot soldiers who slink behind the scenes as nameless, faceless enforcers who have no mercy. It is also exceptionally noteworthy to mention that his seething contempt for women and their dignity is beyond reprehensible.

Cuomo even had the colossal audacity to try and choose an investigator on his own case. Thankfully, that ill-conceived decision has been jettisoned by Letitia James.

As the bad ink continues to accrue and even more salacious allegations are bound to be forthcoming, we implore Andrew Cuomo to tender his resignation forthwith. You have utterly disgraced the highest office of the state, you have disgraced the name of your father, and you have left the people of New York with a punch to the gut that they may never get over.