TJV NEWS’ Weekly Dish: Karlie Kloss, Dr. Oz, George Clooney, Ivanka Trump & More

Karlie Kloss(AP)
by Lieba Nesis
-28-year-old model Karlie Kloss who converted to Judaism two years ago to marry Joshua Kushner announced she was pregnant via a revealing Instagram video showcasing her baby bump in a black bra and sweatpants-undoubtedly an anathema to the highly modest Kushner family.  Kloss, like many other celebrities, continually bemoans her inability to keep her private life private, while choosing the most public forum to reveal her good news.  She has continually urged her nearly 9 million Instagram followers to vote for Joe Biden despite her sister-in-law being Ivanka Trump.  I wish Karlie stayed true to her original mantra of “less is more”-not in terms of clothing she wears but rather in regards to the information she releases.
-Global superstar Zendaya, the 24-year-old who boasts over 80 million followers on Instagram, is rumored to be dating Denzel Washington’s son John David Washington.  They met on the set of their secret movie “Malcolm and Marie” which they filmed between June 17th and July 2nd in Carmel, California-explaining why she broke up with Euphoria co-star Jacob Elordi.  Don’t feel too sorry for Elordi who rebounded in the arms of supermodel Kaia Gerber-offspring of billionaires Rande Gerber and Cindy Crawford.
Brock Pierce

-Independent Presidential candidate Brock Pierce was hardly mourning his election loss as he celebrated his 40th birthday with hundreds of his closest friends in his Puerto Rican domicile.  The blockchain financier who was a child actor appearing in Disney films “Mighty Ducks” and “First Kid” is one of the few actors who has gone on to be listed as one of the top cryptocurrency pioneers in Forbes.  Brock owns several homes, a hotel called the “Monastery” and a yacht in Puerto Rico and has helped build the community there as the growing blockchain set gather around Pierce (Puerto Rico is also a significant tax haven).  The future is wide open for Pierce who spent millions of his own funds to kickstart his presidential campaign.

Dr. Oz (AP)

-Everybody knows how frugal celebrities can be but takes the cake (not literally) for withholding $15,000 worth of monthly payments to his sister Nazlim for her share of their father’s estate from renting two Upper East Side New York properties.  Oz who is worth in excess of $100 million, insisted he had no choice as the ongoing legal proceedings concerning his father’s estate made it necessary to freeze payments.  Dr. Oz controls much of his late father’s property and cash, and has shown that “money is thicker than blood” an axiom many family’s have witnessed firsthand.

George Clooney(AP)

-While many in the Jewish community value marriage and family above all else even George Clooney recently conceded in a GQ interview that his life was empty before he met his wife Amal and had two children.   He said he didn’t know how un-full his life was and then realized there was a “huge empty space.”  No one can forget Clooney’s infamous 1995 Barbara Walters interview in which he declared he would never get married because he wasn’t very good at it.  George also conceded in his recent GQ interview that the Batman movie was terrible and he was terrible in it. To avoid being rejected as an actor by a casting director or producer Clooney has moved into the directing seat to gain more control.

-Southampton continues to see a rise in coronavirus cases as six poll workers at a voting site tested positive as well as another four people connected with the site.  While many wealthy Hamptonites wrongfully assumed they were quarantining with their wealthy neighbors and therefore unabashedly participated in numerous maskless dinner parties I know at least ten people who are currently suffering with Covid.  Being rich is not the immunity necessary for Covid.
Ivanka Trump(AP)

-The press continues to relentlessly attack the Trump family even after the election.  Vanity Fair recently printed a scathing interview by Ivanka Trump’s 7th grade friend Lysandra Ohrstrom who recalls the pettiest details of Ivanka’s Trump missteps-such as Ivanka blaming a fart on a classmate (Ivanka must be a saint if this is the most scatological information available after ten years). She recalled Ivanka once telling her she was a Marxist during a discussion about affordable housing and painted the Donald as a creepy lecher-shame on her.   The two eventually had a falling out leading to another disgruntled Trump “friend” selling out a relationship for what will undoubtedly become a book-I wonder if Ohrstrom has any accompanying phone recordings.  Even Donald Trump Jr.’s old fling Aubrey O’Day came out on November 12th declaring that Don threatened to release nude photos of her if she revealed information about their adulterous fling.  Meanwhile, Trump’s pathetic niece Mary continues to try to profit off her uncle by shopping another fabricated book full of lies and mistruths that will never be fact-checked by the press.

-I knew something was amiss in August 2019 when mogul Ron Perelman announced he was ending his massive Apollo fundraiser in the East Hampton after ten years.  The gala which was the premier social event of the year gathered the likes of Barbara Streisand, Jack Nicholson, Angelica Huston, Bon Jovi, Paul McCartney, Chris Christie and Jamie Foxx.  I wonder if his celebrity friends are still catering to the billionaire as he sells off one asset after another as his financial situation continues to decline.  In July he sold 70 percent of his stake in Humvee maker AM General for half of what he was asking along with paintings by Miro and Matisse and more than $100 million in art.  He is also seeking to unload his East Hampton $180 million property as well as two Upper East Side townhouses for $75 million.  Revlon of which Perelman owns 87%, valued at $375 million, is currently in a debt crunch with Carl Icahn agreeing to restructure its debt-exchange to salvage the company from bankruptcy.  Just two years ago Perelman was worth $19 billion with his net worth plummeting to $4.2 billion as of now-I am guessing it will decrease further in the near future.