Letters to the Editor



Dear Editor:

Even a few years before Canary Mission exposed “Doctor” Lara Kollab, who stated she would give Jews the “wrong meds” and supporters of Israel should have their “immune cells killed”, I stopped putting down “Jewish” on hospital admittance forms for fear of harm while I am in a vulnerable position. Now my worst nightmare is not only true but growing.

“In March 2017, Canary Mission published the profile of then-medical student, Khass. His social media was replete with threatening anti-Semitic posts, including “Kill the Jews” and “Go beat up a Zionist.” Khass did not face any consequences for his statements — that is, until they went viral two years later. By that point, Khass had secured a Pediatric Residency at the New York-Presbyterian Brooklyn Methodist Hospital. When the hospital learned about Khass’s bigoted views, they immediately attempted to sever their relationship with him by seeking a waiver from the National Residency Matching Program (NRMP). Following the NRMP’s outrageous refusal to grant the waiver, the hospital chose to break its contract with Khass. Khass successfully sued the hospital and was reinstated. However, the hospital is currently appealing that decision, citing their very real concern for patient safety.”

Our sense of security, our trust has been violated by those who take an oath to heal, to first do no harm. Every state has a Medical Board. I urge you to call yours, get on their Public Agenda. Write to your Senators & Reps, House of Representatives, to the Attorney General, your District Attorney, your Governor. Ask them to enact new legislation requiring a background check on social media for all who are presently licensed, or applying for a license or certificate, to screen for antisemitic hate speech against Jews or “Zionists.” Ask that this new law apply to doctors, pharmacists, nurses, licensed & unlicensed caregivers, to home health care agencies.

This list will make you physically ill: “Canary Mission has launched a NEW Medical List–https://canarymission.org/medical a resource dedicated to helping the public become aware of anti-Semitic and bigoted doctors, nurses, med students and other medical professionals. Total Results 51.”

They accuse us of being “too powerful.” Let’s show them how “powerful” we can be.




Charles Matheson


A “Capitalist” Does Something Constructive

Dear Editor:

While the loudmouth Al Sharpton’s of our world grandstand and lecture us about “racism” but actually do little-to-nothing to make meaningful changes in inner city schools or neighborhoods, it took a capitalist White guy to actually do something constructive. “Jeff Bezos is opening the doors of his first preschool, the Bezos Academy. It’s the first location of a network of tuition-free preschools serving children in underserved communities spearheaded by Bezos’ philanthropic arm, Day One Fund. The “Montessori-inspired” preschool will operate year-round, five days a week, during which “the child will be the customer.”

And how is this rewarded? The Jewish Voice reports, “The rioters also attacked the Whole Foods store, and painted one building with the message “Murder Bezos”, referring to CEO of Amazon and Whole Foods’ parent company’s.”“Die Yuppie” was sprayed on a Compass Real Estate shop.

Instead of rioting and brow beating America, who has bent over backwards, and largely succeeded in ridding itself of institutionalized racism, take a cue from Martin Luther King, “we can’t keep blaming the White man” or to Obama, “a more perfect United States required African Americans taking full responsibility for our own lives … by demanding more from our fathers, spending more time with our children, and teaching them that while they may face challenges and discrimination in their own lives, they must always believe that they can write their own destiny.” Shelby Steele, Sr. Fellow, Hoover Institution, “Our families have fallen to pieces: 75% of all black children are born out of wedlock, without a father… we, as black Americans, have to begin to take our fate back into our own hands…stop crying racism. There’s a little racism out here, always was, and always will be. Why is that an argument to stop, to not move forward, to not be responsible for your own fate?”

Where are the triple digit millions given to BLM going? I don’t hear a word about funding smaller classroom size, creating high quality education for inner city Black youth or school based social workers or loan assistance for start-up, community based businesses. Destroying our cities, in the name of “racism”, perverts what should have been a non-violent call for change. If you must riot, try storming inner city drug houses, instead of throwing rocks at store fronts and assaulting police. Painting BLM murals, and giving into this mob, instead of doing the hard work of creating opportunities for actual empowerment, which is what overcoming “racism” should be about.

Neila Thornweiler


Through the Looking Glass: Part I

Dear Editor:

Alice falls down a rabbit-hole into the upside down, Looking Glass world. She greets each character she meets with an “expectation of logic”, only to be met with their lunatic illogic. Today, Alice would have felt right at home.

“Black Lives Matter, the Marxist revolutionary organization presented as a moderate force for good by the media, is using extortion and threats against businesses and nonprofits. BLM sent a list of their demands and repercussions for non-compliance. Businesses must employ at least 23 % black staff, buy 23% of their inventory from black retailers or make a recurring donation of 1.5 % of their net sales to a local black charity. They also must display a sign showing their support for the movement. Re percussive threats were many, including “invasive reclamation.” Fernando Martinez, who owns a bodega claims that one of the activists warned him: ‘You better put the letter on the door so your business is not f*cked with’.” Alice’s Wicked Queen, ‘off with their heads’ would have felt right at home.

So, let’s get this “logic” straight. If you think Blacks don’t own a sufficient amount of their own businesses, do you take some of the millions given to BLM, and work on getting Black owned startups going? No, you extort and threaten a Cuban immigrant who came here with nothing, and is now a self-made American success story.

If you don’t display a sign in your storefront of compliance with their demands, you risk BLM’s “repercussions” of assault and take over. Sound familiar? It should. It is reminiscent of 1930’s Germany “Juden”, smeared on Jewish owned storefronts. What’s next? Needing a “sign” declaring you are not a Zionist or a Jew? Professors are now being fired for stating they do not believe in “structural racism.” Sarsour’s rally signs, “No Zionists Allowed” had no “repercussions”, save for more phone calls to her by Biden. “USC student government Rose Ritch resigned from her position after she was harassed for expressing her Jewish identity and support for Israel. I openly identify as a Zionist, a supporter of Israel’s right to exist as a Jewish state…was accused of being unsuitable as a student leader…told that my support for Israel has made me complicit in racism, and that, by association, I am racist. Students launched an aggressive social media campaign to “impeach my Zionist a**.”

Still think BLM’s forced storefront signs are not a foreboding of what is to come next? Think again.

Mark Kaputinsky