The Time to Register to Vote is Now!! 

We’re making a last ditch effort to encourage those still not eligible to cast a ballot on November 3rd, to get on the stick and register!

We know we’ve frequently pushed for our unregistered-to-vote readers to register to vote  during this election cycle. It is too important an issue on which to be silent. So, we’re making a last ditch effort to encourage those still not eligible to cast a ballot on November 3rd, to get on the stick and register! To get started, just go to on your computer, click it on and get the information needed to register. You can do it online so easily. The deadlines for voter registration for the following states are as follows:

New York – October 9th

New Jersey – October 13th

Connecticut – October 27th.

If you register by mail, make sure it is received by the proper agency by the above dates. The link, will also give you the places where you may register in your particular state. You may also call 1-800-FOR-VOTE to get further information. There is no excuse for any citizen of this country to not be registered to vote. In order for our democracy to continue, for us to be able to speak out on issues, for us to be free to practice our religion, we must vote…and to do so, we must register legally. Each one of us has this responsibility.

So many millions of people around the world who are enslaved, their countries dominated by tyrants, governed by dictators who do not represent the will of their citizens would give anything to have our liberties, our right to vote and our freedoms that emanate from our choices made at the election booths. They look at us with envy. They view our land as our own forefathers did when they immigrated here. But our liberties come from the expressions, views and opinions of our citizens who cast votes for their representatives in locally and in Congress. But before the voting, comes the registration to do so.

Estimates give the number of non-registered American citizens at about 50 million. This is shameful and that number must be lowered to insure that our democracy continues to exist. Citizens not legally eligible to cast ballots to select candidates for office or to express their views on propositions have no voice in our system. They are politically useless. They will be easily controlled by others. This type of willful foolishness must come to an end.

To say that 2020 is a busy year for national events would be a gross understatement. As we know, every decade, Americans are called upon to fill out the national census forms in order to be counted and for government services to be provided to our communities. This year is no different and in many ways even more important than we could have ever imagined.

By this time of the year, every person should have already received their census form and hopefully have completed them and sent them back. We cannot over emphasize the critical importance of fulfilling your responsibility as a concerned citizen by completing your census form and sending it in.

This is why we continue our call for all citizens to make sure they are legally registered by the deadline dates listed above. When we vote, we speak out. We express our wishes. We select those who will lead us. In short, when we vote we continue our democratic heritage of freedom. So, if you’re not in possession of a voter registration card, stop what you’re doing and get one. It’s easy to do and your responsibility to do so. In fact, check on other members of your family to ensure they are on the books for Election Day. Do a good deed!


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