Mike Bloomberg Launches $100M Anti-Trump Florida Blitz

Mike Bloomberg’s showering Florida with his millions will surely have a permanent, negative effect on that state’s residents that they may not be aware of. Photo Credit: AP

By Marisa Herman(NEWSMAX)

Starting Friday, Floridians will see TV ads targeting President Donald Trump courtesy of billionaire Mike Bloomberg.

Axios reports that Bloomberg’s $100 million Florida ad campaign against the president is scheduled to start Friday and run through Election Day.

Bloomberg advisers told Axios that the ads will run in all 10 TV markets. They noted that Bloomberg believes Florida is a key state for Joe Biden to win.

“If Biden wins Florida, it’s much harder for Trump to falsely claim victory on election night,” a Bloomberg adviser said. “Florida is a toss-up, but winnable.”

Kicking off the campaign is an ad titled “Responsibility,” from Priorities USA Action.

The former New York City mayor also has his eye on North Carolina for Biden, which is also a swing state, according to Axios.

Since Florida and North Carolina are both on Eastern time and typically log election results quickly, Axios reports that the winner of those states could determine the election.

According to Bloomberg’s data agency Hawkish, if Republicans vote in person more and Democrats vote by mail, the map on election night could make it look like Trump is the winner even if Biden actually ends up victorious. They call the scenario a “Red Mirage.”

To help sway Florida voters, Bloomberg’s strategy involves putting big money into Latino vote-by-mail efforts, according to Axios.


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