History is Made at the WH & the JV is There

Thank G-d, things have changed and now Israel can move forward to negotiate similar agreements with other leading Arab states. Photo Credit: AP

Yesterday, September 15th, a glorious, memorable day for America, Israel and all freedom loving people around the world observed the signing of an historic peace deal between Israel and the United Arab Emirates (UAE) at the White House. And before we go any further, we’d like to congratulate our publisher, David Ben Hooren, who was in attendance, having received a personal invite from the President. He came home with a momento pen from that historic event. The signing, hosted by President Trump, was attended by Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and UAE Foreign Minister Sheikh Abdullah bin Zayed al-Nahyan.

Who would have thought just four years ago, when Israel was taken by surprise and backed up against the wall by the United States not vetoing Security Council Resolution 2334 that led to the Jewish State being slammed by a unanimous vote for “oppressing the Palestinians,” that there would ever be any kind of handshake, talk, and lastly, a formal agreement for peace, commercial and military solidarity with any Arab state?

Thank G-d, things have changed and now Israel can move forward to negotiate similar agreements with other leading Arab states.  And amazingly, the nation of Bahrain, just last week, joined with the UAE in striking an agreement to normalize relations with Israel. This was a huge move to easing 72 straight years of tension in that “bad neighborhood.” Last month the UAE and now Bahrain. Just incredible and thankfully, we have lived long enough to see such a positive, upbeat occasion.

Although Bahrain is a small island state, it is a close ally of Saudi Arabia, who back in 2011 helped put down an uprising and in 2018, jointly with Kuwait, offered Bahrain a $10 billion $$ in economic aid. There is no doubt that this signing was given the thumbs up by Arabia. A great sign of more good things to come.

The easing of these Arab, Sunni countries relations with Israel comes as a result of their common fears emanating from the threats to them from Iran. Remember the old Arab saying, “The enemy of my enemy is my friend.” And slowly but surely, more Arab states will come to accept that conclusion. There is no doubt that Iran is taking cautious note of these new Muslim nations’ alliances with Israel.

Bahrain will now become the fourth Arab country after the UAE, Egypt and Jordan to establish diplomatic ties with Israel. What pressure will these powerful states have on forcing even the PLO to come to terms with Israel’s right to survive? Will they eventually face the reality that by working towards and creating a good relationship with Israel they’d reap the benefits of the great medical, social, economic, educational and military benefits of a giving Jewish State.

And let’s be real, without the prodding of Trump, without the love for Israel of Trump and without the perseverance of Trump this and other future deals that will keep Israel alive, the area in peace and Iran contained, would never have occurred. We join in those who support his receiving a Nobel Peace Prize for his efforts. And let’s show him our gratitude on November 3rd.


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