Radical Leftists Celebrate After Trump Supporter Killed in Portland, Disturbing Social Media Footage

Shooting suspect Michael Reinoehl, identified by social media

Jared Evan

A member of the Patriot Prayer group, which was involved in counter-protests against Black Lives Matter and ANTIFA  last night, was gunned down at 8:45pm near Southwest Third Avenue and Alder Street.

The victim was identified as Jay Bishop, a conservative activist and member of The Patriot Prayer

Earlier in the day, several hundred Trump supporters gathered in a counter protest against BLM and ANTIFA,  mainly they drove trucks throughout the Portland area, waving American flags and Trump 2020 flags.

The violence escalated when the sun went down, as hundreds of dangerous BLM and ANTIFA took to the streets, apparently  looking for any remaining counter protesters.

Social media last night, was quick to reveal that the deceased was a conservative who supported “back the blue” and was involved with the Patriot Prayer Group. Initially Portland media instantly disseminated  false information that the shooting was not related to the ANTIFA BLM insurrectionist movement  and Patriot counter protest.

The identity of the alleged shooter was later revealed to be snowboarding instructor  Michael Reinoehl, who according to his social media profile is a hardcore leftist.

“Every revolution needs people that are ready and willing to fight,” Reinoehl posted on his Instagram, according to independent journalist Ian Miles Cheong, editor of Human Events.

The suspect was recently interviewed after the events in Wisconsin on Bloomberg TV. As of now, he is a possible suspect, Portland police have announced nothing official, so it is unknown if authorities are looking for the suspect identified via social media, however it appears that journalists may have identified the right person based on the videos

This video captured on social media reveals that right before the killing someone yells out “There’s a Trumper”- proving the Marxist radicals were out hunting for any opposition. Listen carefully to the audio. It is important to note, Kyle Rittenhouse, the 17 year old man who shot and killed 2 protesters in Wisconsin, was initially accused of hunting political opposition, until it was later revealed that he most likely acted in self defense. Initially liberal commentators claimed Rittenhouse went to hunt “black people”, until both of the victims were revealed to be white.

In this social media capture, deranged communists burn the American flag in a post murder celebration,  announcing proudly they killed a ” fascist”chanting Black Lives Matter and preforming American marching music as they burn the flag.

In this video, a radical ANTIA insurrectionist makes a celebratory speech, declaring they killed a “Nazi”. The deceased was in a a group called “Patriot Prayer” which is a patriotic Christian organization, and has nothing to do with the Nazi party. Note, even after the murder there is not a Portland police officer in site, as the communists literally take over the streets.

Another speech celebrating the death of a “Nazi”

The communist insurrectionists continue a rampage in Portland. Social media captures some “peaceful” scenes. In all of this footage, only one time do you see any Portland Police involvement

Bloomberg Interview with shooting suspect only a few days before in Wisconsin.


Meanwhile in DC, a charming BLM protester threatens to kill cops in NY and DC, remember this is what Hollywood supports, most of the Democrat party leadership supports and most professional sports organizations support

How does this make you feel?


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