Lucerne Owners Claim “no problems” with Homeless Residents, While Podolsky Brothers Strike Homeless Hotel Deal

In this Aug. 12, 2015, file photo, Guardian Angels founder Curtis Sliwa responds to questions during a news interview

TJV News

In the corona ravaged NYC, hotels are no longer places for tourists and business-people  but have become temporary homeless shelters.

TJV ha extensively reported on the chaos which has resulted in the UWS from homeless dug addicts and sex offenders being housed in the  Lucerne Hotel. Things have gotten so bad, the Guardian Angels  are now stationed in the area protecting the residents who have had enough and are ready to move out.

NY Post however reported:

The owner of the Upper West Side’s Lucerne hotel insists that there are “no problems” at the joint, now housing hundreds of homeless including recovering drug addicts — even as he’s put his own area mansion up for sale since the new neighbors moved in.

But at least three apparent residents suffered medical episodes on the block Tuesday — two of them in the span of just 20 minutes — adding to residents’ growing complaints of brazen drug usebroad-daylight masturbation and public urination since the move-in at the Lucerne and two other area hotels.

Speaking of homeless hotels Politico pointed out

 Two slumlord brothers — Jay and Stuart Podolsky — are cashing in on the city’s emergency relocation of thousands of homeless New Yorkers to hotel rooms after coronavirus outbreaks in city shelters. The pair own The Bentley, a luxury hotel on the Upper East Side, which has hosted down-on-their-luck New Yorkers since May as officials worked to empty congregate housing facilities where social distancing was virtually impossible. It’s one of roughly 60 hotels hired by the Department of Homeless Service through a $78 million contract with the Hotel Association of New York City to provide rooms during the pandemic

Strangely enough, homeless hotels is becoming “‘a thing” in NYC and we find ourselves reporting on this phenomena frequently



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