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Chicago Looters Attack Children’s Shelter; Seattle BLM Protesters Demand ” Give Up Your Property to end Racism”

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One thing everyone can agree on: the display that took place this week in Chicago was nothing but a act of total lawlessness. Jesse Jackson even condemned the looting spree which rampaged  thru shopping districts in Chicago earlier this week, after a rumor spread over social media about a Black man being shot by police. It later was revealed that  he actually fired upon police initially before being shot and wounded  by law enforcement.

The Daily Mail reported:

Chicago’s Ronald McDonald House had its doors smashed during rioting and looting that took place on Monday night while children were inside the home.

The facility provides a shelter and resources to families while a child receives treatment at local hospitals.  More than 30 families together with their sick children were inside along with the staff as they watched completely helplessly as everything unfolded outside.

Bridges and expressways in downtown Chicago reopened on Tuesday after business owners and emergency workers headed back to the area after a night of violence and looting.  The hoards  of looters were so threatening when this crime spree first unfolded on Sunday night that authorities shut down bridges to try to control the looting.

More than 100 people were arrested after vandals damaged businesses in the area which led to the entire neighborhood being placed on lock-down, even for those who live in the area.

The most frightening element of this looting spree was how fast it spread on social media and how the masses quickly descended on the upscale Magnificent Mile section of the city, which is one of the most popular areas that tourists like to visit.

Here is a local report from CBS in Chicago

Here is another report about the situation in Chicago from Daily Mail


TJV has reported recently on ANTIFA radicals invading suburban neighborhoods and clashing with residents, BLM is also marching into residential areas as the protests appear to have taken a new way forward, harassing people in their own backyards.

A video out of Seattle shows a mob of Black Lives Matter agitators harassing a homeowner and demanding that they give up their property in order to fix racism.

The clip shows a male demonstrator singling out one home and lecturing those inside about how they’re “living in a historically black neighborhood.”

Is their any doubt now that BLM is a communist movement? Property confiscation and redistribution is on the agenda. What does LeBron James think?

Social Media captured BLM in action:

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