Actress Spencer Grammer Among Victims in East Village Slashing

In this April 2, 2015 file photo, actress Spencer Grammer arrives at the NBC Universal Summer Press Day at The Langham Huntington Hotel in Pasadena, Calif. Grammer said she was trying to calm an agitated man when he slashed her in the arm and stabbed her friend in the back Friday, July 24, 2020, outside a New York City restaurant. Grammer told US Weekly that she and her friend “did what anyone else would do in the same situation” and were “attempting to prevent the altercation from escalating” when they were attacked. (Photo by Chris Pizzello/Invision/AP, File)
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By Ellen Cans

Actress Spencer Grammer, daughter of Kelsey Grammer, was reportedly slashed in the arm, at an East Village restaurant on Friday evening.   She and a friend were dining outdoors at the eatery The Black Ant on Second Avenue.  She and her pal, who were not part of the argument, bravely confronted a blade-wielding drunk who had come in and disturbed the peace at the restaurant.  The drunk man had turned his weapon on them, as per multiple law enforcement sources.

As reported by the NY Post, at about 11:30 pm on Friday night, the chaos began when a man, who seemed to be intoxicated, entered the cozy eatery and tried to get a table. He was snubbed because it was close to closing time at the establishment.  At this, the man seemed to lose restraint, as per several sources and bystanders.  The man refused to leave and began fighting with a male diner, who in turn picked up a chair and began to swing it.  This led to a full-fledged scuffle with over a dozen employees and onlookers joining the fight.

Grammer, 36, a voiceover actor on Adult Swim’s “Rick and Morty” cartoon, along with her friend, Jan Phillip Mueller, 32, were there at that time, and tried to defuse the situation.  The drunken man began swinging what one law enforcement source called “a silver blade.”

“Everyone jumped out of their seats. About 15 people maybe. Everyone was trying to pull them apart,” one eyewitness named David told The Post of the drunk and the chair-swinging man.  “It looked like there was a full-on brawl.”

It was David who reportedly called the police after seeing the debacle from the window of his home.  “First I heard yelling,” said David, referring to the shouting and swearing on the sidewalk where the restaurant was convened.  David said a waitress from the eatery later told him that the man swinging the chair had shouted a racial slur, which escalated the tension and led the dunk man to take out a blade.  “Some people got up to try to separate them,” David said of the two combatants.  That was when the drunkard became a stabber.  “One guy was trying to restrain the stabber,” David said, describing Grammer’s courageous friend. “Then I saw blood coming out of the lower right hand side of his back. I saw enough blood coming out to tell that something was going on,” he said.  That was when he said he called 911.  He said that despite the police arriving in a minute, the slasher, who he described as buff, bald and wearing a white shirt, had already fled on Third street, and has not yet been apprehended.  “I’ve been quarantining outside of the city and had just gotten back, and there is a stabbing outside of my apartment,” David said. “This is my welcome back to New York.”

Grammer, who also played the part of Casey Cartwright on “Greek,” the ABC Family dramedy, was reportedly slashed in the right forearm, and her pal Mueller across the back by the assailant, as per multiple police sources.  Both the victims were taken to Bellevue Hospital, where they were treated for their injuries and released.  As per the Post, the police report says they both received stitches.

Grammer, who lives nearby in the East Village where the incident occurred, did not comment.  Her father, Kelsey Grammer, the star of “Frasier”, downplayed his daughter’s injury.  He commented through a spokesman on Saturday to say, “There are elements of truth to the story but Spencer was not slashed; she is fine.”

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