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272 NYPD Officers File Retirement Papers Since the George Floyd Killing; Tired of “Thankless Job”

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By: JV Staff

Since the murder of George Floyd and the resultant protests directed at police, the NYPD has reported that 272 cops have filed their retirement papers from the time he was killed until June 24th. 

The department has reported that since cops and law enforcement agencies across the country are under siege and calls for defunding them are growing louder with each passing day, they have seen a substantial increase in cops who are eager to retire earlier than planned. The number filing for retirement represents a 49 percent spike from the 183 officers who filed during the same period last year.

An NYPD source suggested the recent departures could signal a coming crisis for the 36,000-member department, which also faces a $1 billion budget reduction amid the “defund the police”  furor, according to a New York Post report. 

The NYP reported that Police Benevolent Association president Patrick Lynch said cops are “at their breaking point, whether they have 20 years on the job or only two. We are all asking the same question: ‘How can we keep doing our job in this environment?’ And that is exactly what the anti-cop crowd wants. If we have no cops because no one wants to be a cop, they will have achieved their ultimate goal.”

The NYP also reported that Ed Mullins, president of the Sergeants Benevolent Association, said an “exodus” from the NYPD has begun. He said nearly 80 of his members have recently filed for retirement, and that morale is “at the lowest levels I’ve seen in 38 years.”

He added that, “People have had enough and no longer feel it’s worth risking their personal well-being for a thankless position. There is no leadership, no direction, no training for new policies. Department brass is paralyzed and too afraid to uphold their sworn oath in fear of losing their jobs. Sadly, the people of this city will soon experience what New York City was like in the 1980s.”

The NYP reported that NYPD Sgt. Joseph Imperatrice, founder of Blue Lives Matter, which formed after NYPD officers Wenjian Liu and Rafael Ramos were assassinated in 2014 , claims close to a dozen cops per day are putting in their papers. Imperatrice believes the number is “noticeably higher” than usual and due to the “anti-police and anti-criminal accountability” climate.

Imperatrice contends the number of cops leaving the job since the end of March is “approaching the 700 to 1,000 range between COVID and the anti-police narrative,” as was reported by the NYP.

 Last week, AP reported that a New York City police officer suspended from duty after he was recorded  putting a man in what the police commissioner said was a banned chokehold could face criminal charges for the second time in his career.

Queens prosecutors said they’ve opened an investigation into Officer David Afanador’s actions on the boardwalk at Rockaway Beach, adding that “there must be zero tolerance for police misconduct.”

Afanador was acquitted in a previous case stemming from allegations he pistol-whipped a teenage suspect in Brooklyn and broke two of his teeth.

The police department moved quickly to suspend Afanador without pay after the confrontation. Police Commissioner Dermot Shea announced his suspension just hours after video was posted on social media and called the swift action a sign of “unprecedented times.”

“I think we have an obligation to act swiftly but we also have to get it right and to inform the public about what’s going on,” Shea told TV station NY1.


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