De Blasio Accuses Trump of “Not Lifting A Finger” To Help NY fight Coronavirus

New York City Mayor Bill de Blasio said on Tuesday that he may issue a "shelter in place" order for the city within the next two days, according to a Business Insider report. Photo Credit: Wikipedia

NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio appeared on Meet The Press and told NBC’s Chuck Todd that the coronavirus fallout is only going to get worse in the coming months, and New York will remain the hardest hit city in the country. He than went on to assail president Trump for being a New Yorker who is doing nothing to stop the spread of the pandemic.

He made a direct appeal to Donald Trump to mobilize the military and invoke the Defense Production Act “to its fullest” to get much-needed medical equipment, like ventilators, to hospitals on the front lines. “If the president does not act,” de Blasio warned, “people will die who could have lived otherwise.” The president initially said he would initiate the defense Production act, but thus far has not done it.

De Blasio is ignoring the fact that the social distancing measures thus far have worked and have kept  levels of hospitalizations low.

One can get a lot more accomplished with an individual such as Trump by working together with him as opposed to accusing the man of doing nothing and that he is going to kill people.  Let’s face it, Trump is the kind of person who gets very defensive of everything said against him and these comments will not go  overlooked by him. This is counter-productive.

In an unprecedented time like this, the mayor comes across as frantic at best, or desperate for attention and scoring political points with “anti-Trumpers” at worst.

Deblasio made a drastic attack claiming  “Trump has not lifted a finger” . Remember de Blasio only a week ago could not decide whether or not to close the schools and has not exactly meshed  well with the state’s governor. The president is actually working more in unison with Cuomo than de Blasio is.

Americans have all watched the coronavirus  task force meetings  as Trump, Pence and other officials update Americans as to what steps have been taken to help Americans in need and steps taken to fight Coronavirus.  De Blasio is either panicking or flat out lying. Trump has not ignored New Yorkers or anyone else.  Cuomo himself has actually several times complimented the actions taken by Trump.

One can hope that Mayor de Blasio calms down and starts working together with the federal government , instead of appearing on Sunday morning TV freaking out New Yorkers.

Speaking of the military, the National Guard is in place in several areas in NY, such as New Rochelle and I have just received reports that there are actual tanks in Midtown as Jacob Javits Center become a coronavirus field hospital. Maybe de Blasio should be working harder instead of installing fear in the hearts of New Yorkers.

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