Jeremy Corbyn: The Jew Haters’ Candidate

New research makes it clear that Jeremy Corbyn's most ardent supporters 'more likely to be anti-Semitic'. (Photo by Anthony Devlin/Getty Images)
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By: Jaspar Kilmeyer

New research makes it clear that Jeremy Corbyn’s most ardent supporters ‘more likely to be anti-Semitic’.

A YouGov poll found that more than one in three (35 per cent) of those who “strongly like” the Labour leader agreed with four or more statements deemed to be anti-Semitic, while 58 per cent held two more such views, reported the London Telegraph. “The proportion of ardent supporters of Nigel Farage, Boris Johnson and Jo Swinson who agreed with four or more of the statements was significantly less, at 24 per cent, 21 per cent and 18 per cent respectively.

Since 2015, Campaign Against Antisemitism has conducted annual research into the prevalence of antisemitism in Britain, and sentiment amongst British Jews, the group’s web site explains. “Every year, we commission the UK’s leading polling company, YouGov, to poll the British population about their attitudes towards Jewish people, and separately we work with polling professionals and partners within the Jewish community to carry our own poll of British Jews to determine how antisemitism affects them.”

Among the findings:

* 60% of the British far-left believe at least one antisemitic stereotype, which is worse than the far-right

* 42% of British Jews have considered leaving Britain in the past two years due to antisemitism

* 1 in 5 British Jews think the authorities are doing enough

“People will find it utterly chilling that in 2019, large swathes of the Jewish community are considering the drastic step of leaving the country they love because they fear racism in our politics,” noted Gideon Falter, Chief Executive of Campaign against Anti-Semitism.

“Far from being the champion of anti-racism that it holds itself out to be, the far-left is now home to even more anti-Jewish bigotry than the far-right,” he added. “Nowhere is that more obvious than in the Labour Party, where Jeremy Corbyn is now the politician of choice for anti-Semites.”

Just today, NBC News published an article on Corbin beneath the headline, “Will anti-Semitism accusations sink Corbyn and the Labour Party?” The piece includes this: “Social inequality, resolving Brexit, investment in the struggling National Health Service — these are some of the issues Britain’s opposition Labour Party had hoped would top the agenda during the election campaign. Instead, the party is mired in a continuing anti-Semitism crisis amid accusations that it has mismanaged bigotry among its own members ahead of the Dec. 12 vote. Many, including activists, lawmakers and the mainstream Jewish community, say the blame for the scandal lies with the party’s leader, Jeremy Corbyn, an unabashed socialist and self-described anti-racist.”

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