SI’s Rep Max Rose Shocks Dems by Not Jumping on Impeachment Bandwagon

Impeachment fever is running wild, but Democrat Congressman Max Rose (middle) is not caught up in it. Photo Credit: Shutterstock

Impeachment fever is running wild, but Democrat Congressman Max Rose is not caught up in it.

Which has his fellow Democrats scratching their heads.

By: Ernest McGovern

“To understand the anomaly of Representative Max Rose, one of the few House Democrats who has not endorsed an impeachment inquiry into President Trump, one must first understand a few other anomalies,” the pro-left New York Times reported. “There is the anomaly of Staten Island, the lone stronghold of conservatism within deep blue New York City, and the heart of Mr. Rose’s district. There is the anomaly of Mr. Rose himself, whose victory last year made him just the second Democrat to represent Staten Island in Congress in more than 30 years.”

That “leads to the third and current anomaly,” the Times added. “Mr. Rose’s refusal to back impeachment, amid revelations that Mr. Trump asked the president of Ukraine to investigate the former Vice President Joseph R. Biden Jr., even as most other Democrats in vulnerable seats have signed on.”

Congressman Rose released the following statement only days ago addressing the ongoing investigation into allegations against the President regarding Ukraine: “I’ve now sworn an oath to uphold the Constitution twice and I take my Congressional oath just as seriously as when I deployed to Afghanistan. That’s why I will not operate on any false timeline when our national security is at stake. My constituents—and our country—deserve Members of Congress who will review the facts and ensure the American people are fully informed. Those who would celebrate this moment or dismiss these serious allegations simply because it’s a Republican President should recognize that mindset is why the American people are disgusted with our politics.

“The transcript, whistleblower report, and the Acting Director of National Intelligence’s testimony is deeply alarming,” he continued. “This story is far from over and we must proceed in a deliberate and responsible manner that brings all the facts to the forefront and earns the trust of the American people. That’s the only way to uphold the Constitution without tearing this country apart. Under no circumstances will I allow politics to influence my decision regarding this matter.”

His stance isn’t necessarily winning him any friends in the Democratic Party. “Rose’s pitch and politics seem to match the district well: he’s a moderate, center-left politician and military veteran with a no-nonsense but affable and energetic personality,” the Gotham Gazette recently reported. “His mantra is serving constituents above political party, he regularly criticizes fellow Democrat Mayor Bill de Blasio, and he distances himself from the ascendent left-wing of his party, but sticks close to the House majority, though in fulfilling a campaign promise he did not vote for Speaker Nancy Pelosi to retain her leadership role.”


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