A Closer Look at Yesterday’s Primary Results

While it was expected that Cuomo would defeat Cynthia Nixon, Letitia James would become the Democratic nominee for Attorney General, and  Lt. Gov. Kathy Hochul would win her primary contest, there were several other interesting stories on Thursday  night.   One of...

Violence Directed Against Trump Supporters Escalates

As predicted, since Maxine Waters declared her support for intimidating Trump administration members, the harassment and violence is spreading to average Americans who simply support Trump. Over the last month several members of the Trump cabinet have been castigated and tossed…

By:  Jared Evan

Deputy AG and Republicans Smash Skulls on Capitol Hill

Deputy Attorney General Rod Rosenstein met resistance and pushed back as he sparred with Republican lawmakers during a House Judiciary Committee hearing on Thursday. He fought off allegations that the Justice Department is hiding information from Congress, WBUR News reports….

By:  Leonardo Silva

Giuliani Drops Bombs On Sunday Talk Shows

Rudy Giuliani has been leading the effort to negotiate with Special Council Robert Mueller to end the ongoing investigation. In an interview Sunday with ABC News Chief Anchor George Stephanopoulos on “This Week,” Rudy Giuliani discussed special counsel Robert Mueller’s…

By:  JV Staff

Stormy’s Lawyer Speaks, Trump’s Approval Goes Up

Donald Trump’s approval ratings directly correlate with pornstar lawyer Michael Avenatti’s cable TV appearances, according to a recent poll from Real Clear Politics. The more gossip and trashing ot the president, the higher his approval ratings. Avenatti has been a…

By:  JV Staff