What is Kabbalah?

The Ramban in his introduction to his Torah commentary says that every field of knowledge – whether it be science, agriculture, medicine of palmistry – can be learned from the Torah. The Torah given to Moshe at Mount Sinai consists...


Jewish Features

ABCs of Elul

The last month of the Jewish calendar is actually the most important – serving as preparation for the High Holidays If you had an important court date scheduled – one that would determine your financial future, or even your very...


Parshas Behar-Bechukosai: The Making of a Jew

This week we have a double parsha: Behar and B’Chukosai. With those two parshiot we conclude the Book of Leviticus and proclaim “Chazak Chazak–Be strong and of good courage” for it is through the steadfast study and observance of Torah that we are infused with...