Four Stolen Torah Scrolls Found Hidden in Goat Barn in Shomron


The Torah scrolls that were stolen from the synagogue of the Arachot Torah community in Bnei Brak were located yesterday. Four Torah scrolls stolen from synagogue in Bnei Brak were found in Palestinisn village in Samaria, five suspects were arrested.

In a joint raid held by Israel Police, Border Police and IDFin the village of Akraba in the Samaria region.During the search of a site four Torah scrolls were found hidden inside a sheep pen. Five suspects, in their 20s from Jerusalem, Nablus and Kafr Aqraba were arrested.

Last Tuesday, the police received a report theft had taken place in the synagogue on Rabbi Akiva Street. During the break-in, precious Torah scrolls worth hundreds of thousands of shekels were stolen from the synagogue safe, other Torah scrolls were vandalized – and the synagogue was severely damaged.

Following the report, a special investigation team arrived at the scene and began investigating the incident. The investigation included the use of concealed means and advanced capabilities that led to the arrest of five suspects.

Police investigators managed to locate the stolen Torah scrolls and shortly afterwards police detectives, Border police and IDF soldiers arrived at the village of Akraba in the Samaria region. During the search, they found the four Torah scrolls that had been stolen inside a sheep pen.

A hunting rifle, ammunition and 55 firecrackers were also found at the site and seized.

The suspects, in their 20s from Jerusalem, Nablus and Kafr Aqraba, will be brought to the Tel Aviv Magistrate’s Court for an extension of their detention.

The Torah scrolls are now in the possession of the Israel Police.

“We see this activity as very important,” the police spokesman said, “because beyond the financial value of the Torah scrolls, they are of very high religious and symbolic value.



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