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Amusement Park in India Closed indefinitely as Ride Cable Snaps and Injures 12




According to published reports, the Free Fall ride at the Queensland Theme Park in Chennai, India was ordered by management to suspend operations “indefinitely” due to a horrifying incident that occurred last week in which 12 people were injured. Reports indicate that a mechanical malfunction caused the ride to crash 10 feet to the ground as startled onlookers gasped in trepidation. 

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The rest of the amusement park has also been shuttered due to the terrible accident on the popular ride. 

Fox News reported that according to The News Minute, the accident comes two months after officials sent a notice to the park about its equipment.

“We wrote to them in April to ensure that all the rides were in good shape. They claimed that they had checked everything but clearly that was not the case,” assistant commissioner Muthuvel Pandi said.

Fox News also reported that in the video of the fall, the riders are seen on two platforms being hoisted into the air. However, once the ride finishes and the platforms are lowered back to the ground, the steel cables holding one of the platforms snaps and those strapped to it crash to the ground.

The extent of the riders’ injuries was not reported, according to Fox News. 

According to police, they did not find out of the incident until the footage went viral on social media, noting no one from the park came forward to file a complaint.

“We came to know after the video of the accident reached us. The amusement park tried to hide the whole thing and we believe they convinced the visitors who were in the ride to strike a compromise. All first aid was done there without any external interference,” Pandi told the outlet.

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