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Jerusalem: Car and Driver Fall Out of Elevated Parking Lot



Car falls from an elevated parking lot in a building on Tchernichovsky Street in Jerusalem.

The driver, in her 80s, was injured in moderate condition and was taken to hospital for treatment.

An elderly woman aged 85 was moderately injured Monday morning when she fell with her car from a parking lot between buildings on Tchernichovsky Street in Jerusalem.

The vehicle fell from a height of about two floors to the courtyard of building below, for a reason that is still unclear, and turned over.

Three rescue teams from the Jerusalem station who were called to the scene of the incident worked to rescue the injured woman from the vehicle and transferred her in moderate condition to the Magen David Adom teams for treatment.

At the same time, the fire fighting teams worked to prevent a fire from igniting in the area because the fuel in the tank began to leak into the vicinity.

“When we got to the scene, we saw the vehicle on its side after falling from a height of about 10 meters to a lower level from parking area of a residential building. The driver, a woman in her 80s was trapped in the car and was fully conscious. After the firefighters rescued her, she told how the accident happened as she backed away in the driveway. She suffered from facial and limb injuries, the MDA team gave her initial medical treatment and evacuated her to the hospital in moderate and stable condition.”


Photo: Police Spokesperson.

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