White House Taking Urgent Measures To Prevent Biden From Falling As Democrats Remain 'Terrified' Of Bad Slip - The Jewish Voice
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White House Taking Urgent Measures To Prevent Biden From Falling As Democrats Remain ‘Terrified’ Of Bad Slip

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Reagan Reese(Dailyn Caller)

Democrats are reportedly “terrified” that 80-year-old President Joe Biden will have a bad fall while some are frustrated that aides allow the president to wander off stage following speaking engagements, according to Axios.

Amid growing concerns about the president’s age, Biden and his campaign have focused on ensuring that he does not trip, as the president wears tennis shoes to avoid slipping and takes shorter stairs up to board Air Force One, according to Axios. After Biden fell over a sandbag at the US Air Force Academy commencement in June, senior Democrats became frustrated with the president’s team because he appears to not know where to go after leaving the podium following speeches.

“This isn’t new — it was proactively and transparently disclosed in a 2021 report from the president’s doctor and again this year,” Andrew Bates, White House spokesperson, told the outlet. “This article fits an unfortunate pattern of media attempting to sensationalize something that has long been public, rather than covering the president’s very real achievements for hardworking Americans.”

Biden has been attending physical therapy sessions since 2021 in an effort to improve his balance, often going to appointments with Drew Contreras, a physical therapist who also worked with former President Barack Obama, Axios reported. The president’s physician diagnosed Biden with “a combination of significant spinal arthritis” and “mild post-fracture foot arthritis” which have reportedly led to his balance problems.

Biden’s doctor has recommended “proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers” as a way for the president to improve his balance, though it’s unclear what the recommendation means, Axios reported.

“I have never heard the term ‘proprioceptive maintenance maneuvers.’ It is not a clinical term in standard use,” Professor James Gordon, chair of the Division of Biokinesiology and Physical Therapy at the University of Southern California, told the outlet.

Biden’s age and his fitness to serve as president have become a main concern for Americans; 77% of Americans believe that Biden is too old to effectively run the country, one poll showed. A record low number of Americans, 28%, believe the president inspires confidence.

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