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(WND) Bullied and subjected to a dysfunctional home life, the 18-year-old who barged into a Texas school and killed more than 20 people had been growing increasingly violent, according to those who knew him. The Star-Tribune reported Salvador Rolando Ramos was lashing out “violently” in recent years. He was described as “lonely” and “bullied,” as least partly because of a childhood speech impediment,...

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NIH To Spend $2 Million in Taxpayer Funds on ‘Unnecessary’ Puppy Experiments

Adam Kredo(Free Beacon) The National Institutes of Health division led by Dr. Anthony Fauci is slated to spend nearly $2 million to force feed puppies...

How many names of journalists killed in war zones do you know?

by Phyllis Chesler Did you know that 12 Al Jazeera journalists have been killed in recent years – seven of those in Syria? How many of their names...

Who’s winning Bernie Sanders’s war on AIPAC?

(JNS) Last week, 57 Democratic members of the U.S. House of Representatives signed a letter calling on the U.S. State Department and the FBI to launch an...

Republican Senators demand Biden pull taxpayer funding for anti-Israel initiative

By Adam Kredo, Washington Free Beacon Senate Republican foreign policy leaders are demanding the Biden administration pull nearly $1 million in taxpayer funding for groups to...

Robert Gates: Trump Running in 2024 Would Present National Security ‘Concern’

BY Pam Key Robert Gates, the former Defense Secretary under both the Bush and Obama administrations, said Sunday on CBS’s “Face the Nation” that former...

Jason Greenblatt at Arutz Sheva conference: Visit to eastern Jerusalem? Say no to Biden

Yoni Kempinski (A7) Former White House Envoy to the White House Jason Greenblatt shared insights on the state of relations between Israel and the United...

Globalists Attempt to Impose New World Order

Globalists Attempt to Impose New World Order By: Ken Abramowitz   At the March 21st meeting of the Business Roundtable CEO quarterly meeting, President Joe Biden discussed...

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Iran Accuses Israel of IRGC Killing – Biden: Group Remains on Terror List

Edited by: Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi said Monday that revenge is “inevitable” for the Sunday assassination of a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guards Corps (IRGC)...

Davos: Alibaba Group President Recommends “Carbon Footprint” Tracker to Monitor Everything You DO

(TJV NEWS) J. Michael Evans, president of the Alibaba Group says a new social compliance platform tested in Chinese cities might be the wave...

Henry Kissinger Says Ukraine Should Cede Territory For Peace With Russia

(TJV NEWS)“I hope the Ukrainians will match the heroism they have shown with wisdom,” Kissinger warned an audience at the World Economic Forum in...

White House Cleans up After Biden Again Claims U.S. Has Military ‘Commitment’ with Taiwan

By Charlie Spiering(Breitbart) President Joe Biden forced his own White House on Monday to again walk back a false claim of his that Washington has...

Assassinated IRGC officer plotted attacks on Jews, Israelis

By World Israel News Staff The senior officer in the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Core (IRGC) who was assassinated on Sunday in Tehran was the mastermind behind plots...

WHO adviser: Monkeypox ‘random event’ spread by gay sex

(WND)The outbreak of monkeypox in a dozen Western nations is a “random event” that appears to have been the result of transmission among homosexual...

Iran Vows to Avenge Killing of Islamic Revolutionary Guard Officer

By Deborah Brand Iran will avenge the killing of a senior Islamic Revolutionary Guards officer in Tehran, Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi warned on Monday. “I insist...




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Yom Yerushalayim: Reflections on June 1967

By:  Larry Domnitch On the eve of the 1967 Six-Day-War, Israel faced a mortal threat. The events of June 1967 came in the aftermath of the 1956 Sinai Campaign waged by...

Naasei V’Nishma: Immersing Ourselves in the Mitzvos of Hashem

By: Chaya Sora Jungreis-Gertzulin It’s Pirkei Avos season. On the long Shabbos afternoons of spring and summer, we open the Book of Ethics, ready to...

What Is Shavuot & How is it Celebrated?

By: The holiday of Shavuot is a two-day holiday, beginning at sundown following the 5th of Sivan and lasting until nightfall of the 7th...

Parshas Bechukosai – She Builds With Wisdom

By: Shlomo Katz King Shlomo writes in Mishlei (9:1), “With all forms of wisdom she did build her house; she carved out its seven pillars.”...