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Facebook’s Full Frontal Assault on Conservative Media



As the far-ranging impacts of social media platforms have dominated the headlines in recent days, it has come to the attention of the Jewish Voice for quite a while that Facebook has its own nefarious agenda; one agenda that demands a thorough explanation.

Through the manipulation of a complex set of algorithms, the politically liberal-leftist folks behind the scenes at Facebook have crafted a shadowy set of rules that the company scrupulously adheres to. This plan to suppress politically conservative voices such as Texas Senator Ted Cruz and others who have raised their collective voices in opposition to what Facebook is doing is gaining speed and momentum. It would not surprise anyone to learn that the Democratic party might very well be supporting Facebook’s ill-advised scheme to vanquish points of view that they deem unfit or repugnant.

Edited by: JV Staff

Attempts to quash free speech and to posit one’s self as a willing accomplice in the crusade to silence voices of that may differ from the left-wing doctrine is something that overtly smacks of Orwellian thinking. The truth is that the incisive minds at Facebook clearly comprehend this fact and are doing nothing to prevent it. Without an ombudsman-style system tirelessly working behind the scenes at social media giants to vigorously monitor the free and open expression of all views, there is no doubt that the US and other western democracies are headed for the kind of leftist totalitarianism fervor that has represented a horrendous blot in the history of the free world.

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