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Rushing into the future that has no past

By Phyllis Chesler at Israel National News         June 30, 2020 How soon will these so-called “activists” start attacking living human beings? Oh wait. That’s already been...

Minnesota State Rep: Antifa and Muslim Groups Plan to ‘Police Minneapolis Under Muslim Rule’

Robert Spencer (Front Page Magazine) As the city of Minneapolis moves to dismantle its police force, Minnesota state Rep. Steve Green on Tuesday stated the obvious that...

NY Times Takes Aim at Mount Rushmore as Racist

By Eric Mack(NEWSMAX) Joining the U.S. resistance chorus condemning the Mount Rushmore national landmark before President Donald Trump's July 3 celebratory visit, The New York Times labels...

Novartis Reaches $678 Settlement in “Sham” Speaker Program Lawsuit

Edited by TJV News Full press release from the desk of the the Acting United States Attorney for the Southern District of New York Audrey Strauss,...

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