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Erdogan: Sweden can’t join NATO if Quran-burning is allowed

Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan speaks after a cabinet meeting, in Ankara, Turkey, Tuesday, June 9, 2020. (Presidential Press Service via AP, Pool)

(AP) — Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan reaffirmed Wednesday that Turkey won’t allow Sweden to join the NATO military alliance as long as the Scandinavian country permits protests desecrating Islam’s holy book to take place.

Turkey, which had already been holding off approving Sweden and Finland’s membership in the Western military alliance, has been infuriated by a series of separate demonstrations in Stockholm. In one case a solitary anti-Islam activist burned the Quran outside the Turkish Embassy, while in an unconnected protest an effigy of Erdogan was hanged. Even before that, Ankara had been pressing Sweden and Finland to crack down on exiled members of Kurdish and other groups it sees as terrorists, and to allow arms sales to Turkey.

Turkey has indefinitely postponed a key meeting in Brussels that would have discussed the two Nordic countries’ NATO entry.

“Sweden, don’t even bother! As long as you allow my holy book, the Quran, to be burned and torn, and you do so together with your security forces, we will not say ‘yes’ to your entry into NATO,” Erdogan said in a speech to his ruling party’s legislators.

Swedish government officials have distanced themselves from the protests, including by a far-right anti-Islam activist who burned copies of the Quran in Stockholm and Copenhagen, Denmark, while also stressing that the demonstrations are protected by freedom of speech.

On Tuesday, Swedish Prime Minister Ulf Kristersson denounced the activists who carried out the demonstrations as “useful idiots” for foreign powers who want to inflict harm on the Scandinavian country as it seeks to join NATO.

“We have seen how foreign actors, even state actors, have used these manifestations to inflame the situation in a way that is directly harmful to Swedish security,” Kristersson told reporters in Stockholm, without naming any countries.

Sweden and neighboring Finland abandoned decades of nonalignment and applied to join NATO in the wake of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine. All NATO members except Turkey and Hungary have ratified their accession, but unanimity is required.

In a television interview Wednesday, Erdogan suggested that Sweden needs to prevent Quran burning protests.

“Hate crimes against Muslims under the guise of freedom of expression are unacceptable. We expect that the beliefs of all groups are respected and sincere steps are taken in the fight against Islamophobia,” he told state broadcaster TRT.

In Finland, which has seen no anti-Turkish or anti-Islam demonstrations, violating religious peace is punishable by law, and desecrating a book held sacred by a religious community would likely violate that law. As a result, police wouldn’t allow a protest that involved burning the Quran.

There is no similar legislation in other Nordic countries, Finnish public broadcaster YLE said.

YLE reported Tuesday that a group of anti-NATO demonstrators had planned to burn the Quran in Helsinki last week but changed their minds after police got wind of their plan on social media and intervened.

Earlier on Wednesday, Turkish Foreign Minister Mevlut Cavusoglu said Ankara has fewer problems with Finland becoming NATO member than with its neighbor Sweden. He stressed, however, that it was up to the military alliance to decide whether to accept one country only or the Nordic duo together — something that both countries are committed to.

Should NATO decide to deal with the membership processes of the Nordic neighbors separately, “(Turkey) will then of course reconsider (ratifying) Finland’s membership separately and more favorably, I can say,” Cavusoglu said during a joint news conference with his Estonian colleague in Tallinn. He didn’t give a time frame.

Erdogan also repeated that Turkey’s view on Finland’s membership was “positive.”

Meanwhile, Swedish Foreign Minister Tobias Billström told Swedish news agency TT that his country was complying with an agreement reached by Turkey, Sweden and Finland last year, but said that “religion is not part of the agreement.”

“Having said that, I fully understand that people take offense to the burning of holy writings and perceive it as deeply hurtful,” he said.

“What is needed now is for the situation to cool down on all sides,” Billström said, adding that talks with Turkey on the implementation of the agreement were continuing. With the joint memorandum signed last year, Sweden and Finland agreed to address Turkey’s security concerns.

The minister also tied Erdogan’s comments to Turkish domestic politics.

Erdogan, who faces a tough presidential election in May amid an economic downturn and high inflation, is expected use his strong-arming of Sweden to rally nationalist support.

“Right now there is an election campaign going on in Turkey and in election campaigns many things are said,” Billström said.


Ex-ABC News Journalist Arrested, Accused of Transporting Child Pornography

Alexandria Sheriff's Office via AP

Paul Roland Bois

Federal authorities arrested former ABC News journalist James Gordon Meek on Tuesday on charges related to possession of child pornography.

Federal officials told reporters that Meek was taken into custody on Tuesday night and charged with transportation of child pornography. He could face a maximum of 20 years in prison if convicted. Per NBC News:

Meek abruptly resigned from ABC last year following a raid of his home in April.
The investigation began in March 2021 when Dropbox filed a tip with the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children, claiming a user uploaded videos with its service that “were later confirmed by law enforcement to contain child pornography,” according to a criminal complaint filed in U.S. District Court.
Investigators traced the account, with the user name “James Meek,” to the suspect’s home in Arlington, the complaint alleged.

The Justice Department said in a statement that Meek’s devices contained disturbing images that depicted children “engaged in sexually explicit conduct, and multiple chat conversations with users engaged in sexually explicit conversations where the participants expressed enthusiasm for the sexual abuse of children.”

Meek also allegedly used social media platforms to chat online with minors and manipulate them into sending him sexually explicit images of themselves. Authorities also allegedly discovered an external hard drive belonging to Meeks that had a total of 58 images related to child pornography. His iPhone 6 also allegedly had 34 images and videos of child pornography.

As Breitbart News previously reported, Meeks seemed to have disappeared last year after the FBI raided his home for child pornography. Prior to his raid and arrest, Meeks enjoyed a prestigious career as a journalist, especially on stories related to national security.

“During Meek’s lengthy career as a journalist, he broke multiple high-profile stories about national security and terrorism,” Breitbart News noted. “Notably, Meek produced the Hulu documentary 3212 Un-Redacted, which focused on his reports about a 2017 ISIS ambush in Niger that left four Green Berets dead.”

Paul Roland Bois joined Breitbart News in 2021 after a four-year run at The Daily Wire. He also directed the award-winning feature film, EXEMPLUM, which will soon be available on Amazon and Google Play. Follow him on Twitter @DirectorRoland or on Instagram @Exemplumfilm.

Lula’s Brazil to Welcome First-of-Its-Kind Iran Navy Flotilla in Latin America

File/In this photo released by official website of the office of the Iranian Presidency, President Hassan Rouhani, center with white turban, and other dignitaries attend the inauguration of Fateh, “Conqueror” in Persian, Iranian made semi-heavy submarine in the southern port of Bandar Abbas, Iran, Sunday, Feb. 17, 2019. (Iranian Presidency Office via AP)

Brazil will be welcoming a fleet of Iranian warships to Rio de Janeiro this week, Iranian state media announced, in what will be a first-ever visit by the rogue Iranian state’s navy to the Americas.

Iran’s state-run Fars News Agency reported last week that the 86th flotilla of the Iranian Navy would make an unprecedented pass through the Panama Canal to reach Rio de Janeiro and boasted its fleet is “equipped with anti-ship cruise missiles, torpedoes, and naval cannons” that allegedly “pose no threat” to other countries.

Allowing Iranian warships to dock in Latin America is one of the first major decisions made by far-left radical President Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva in the foreign policy realm since taking office a month ago on February 1, beginning his third term in power after being sentenced on multiple appeals to over two decades in prison for corruption committed during his past time in office.

Lula won a hotly contested race against his predecessor, conservative Jair Bolsonaro, in October, prompting nationwide protests by Brazilians who rejected their supreme court, the Supreme Federal Tribunal (STF), choosing to exonerate Lula and allow him on the ballot. Lula defeated Bolsonaro running a dirty campaign in which he and his supporters spuriously accused Bolsonaro of atrocities such as pedophilia and cannibalism.

During his first two terms as president, from 2003 to 2011, Lula dedicated much of his foreign policy efforts to bolstering ties to Islamist Iran. Lula established warm ties to then-President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad – who had, in turn, focused on giving Iran a diplomatic stranglehold in repressive Iran and Venezuela – and supported Iran’s quest to develop a “peaceful” nuclear program, despite global concerns Iran would use any nuclear abilities to develop weapons to attack neighboring Israel.

The Argentine news network Infobae, citing Iranian media, reported on Wednesday that Iran’s war fleet would soon arrive in Brazil through the Panama Canal. The flotilla reportedly contains two of Iran’s most formidable warships: the Dena and the Makran.

“Dena is a Mowj-class warship that joined the Iranian Navy in June 2021. The military vessel is equipped with anti-ship cruise missiles, torpedoes and naval cannons,” Fars News explained in its report last week. “The other vessel of the flotilla is Makran, a forward base ship weighing 121,000 tons.”

The U.S. State Department responded to the arrival of Iranian warships in the Western Hemisphere with a statement expressing only that Washington was “aware” of the news.

“We are aware of these claims by Iran’s navy. We continue to monitor Iran’s attempts to have a military presence in the Western Hemisphere,” the State Department said in statements to Fox News and the Washington Free Beacon.

Iran has invested heavily in developing friendly ties to anti-American leftist regimes in Latin America, a region largely ignored by Washington foreign policy “experts” and heavily de-emphasized in importance under leftist President Joe Biden. In addition to this week’s naval display, Tehran has sent Foreign Minister Hossein Amirabdollahian to visit Nicaragua and Venezuela, flying out of allied Mauritania on Wednesday.

“The Iranian foreign minister is going to hold meetings with top officials in Managua and Caracas,” the pro-regime Tasnim News Agency reported on Wednesday.

Contrary to Biden, “Iranian President Ebrahim Raisi, who took office in August 2021, has described plans to promote cooperation with Latin American countries as a main pillar of the Islamic Republic’s foreign policy,” Tasnim noted.

Iran boasted of a delegation to Lula’s inauguration on January 1, consisting of Iran’s ambassador to Brasilia Hossein Gharibi and Vice-President for Parliamentary Affairs Mohammad Hosseini. The Tehran Times noted that Lula’s administration had reserved time for high-level meetings and a seat at the inauguration banquet for Hosseini.

Gharibi, the Iranian ambassador, appeared to welcome Lula’s return to power on social media with posts celebrating his alleged concern for Brazil’s indigenous community.

The Iranian embassy also invested heavily last week in Portuguese-language propaganda celebrating its slain terror mastermind Qassem Soleimani, eliminated by a drone strike ordered by President Donald Trump in 2020.

Lula’s foreign policy in his first two terms in office was largely defined by dragging Brazil out of the orbit of its traditional ally America and forging closer relationships with Iran, China, and Russia. Lula warmly welcomed Ahmadinejad to his country on a larger Latin America tour in 2009, insisting, “It is important that someone sits down with Iran, talks with Iran and tries to establish a balance so we can get back to a kind of normality in the Middle East.”

Lula also claimed to be a major participant in a nuclear fuel swap deal brokered alongside Turkey in 2010.

“Under the terms, Iran would send more than 2,600 pounds of low-enriched uranium to Turkey. In exchange, Iran would receive 265 pounds of uranium fuel rods for use in a research reactor,” journalist Judy Woodruff explained in a report at the time.

“Iran should have nuclear activities for peaceful purposes,” Lula’s then-Foreign Minister Celso Amorim asserted that year. “There is no political consensus that Iran has to be isolated or for Brazil to move in that direction.”

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Brady’s unprecedented career filled with highlight moments

Tampa Bay Buccaneers quarterback Tom Brady (12) throws a pass during the second half of an NFL wild-card playoff football game against the Washington Football Team, Saturday, Jan. 9, 2021, in Landover, Md. (AP Photo/Julio Cortez)

(AP) Nobody drove Tom Brady harder than the record-setting quarterback himself, even if his 23rd and final season after a brief retirement didn’t end with him lifting yet another Lombardi Trophy.

He leaves the NFL with more wins, yards passing and touchdowns than any other quarterback. He even set a pair of single-season passing records at the age of 45. And yes, nobody has more Super Bowl rings than Brady with seven.

Brady competed so hard that he pulled his teammates along with him.

Tampa Bay center Ryan Jensen, the nine-year pro who hurt his left knee on the second day of training camp, came off injured reserve to snap to Brady in the Buccaneers’ wild-card loss to Dallas — the quarterback’s final game.

“Thanks for pushing me everyday this season mentally and physically to get back on the field,” Jensen wrote on social media Wednesday. “I’m glad I was able to take the field with you one last time! Enjoy retirement, don’t dog me too much in the booth. Love ya man!”

Brady did more than his part to fill the video vaults at NFL Films. Here are just a few of his greatest moments:

Brady didn’t finish his career with a winning record in his last season. He did, however, make his mark.

He set a pair of NFL single-season records, completing 490 passes on 733 attempts, and wound up ranking third in the NFL with 4,694 yards passing. And yes, he led the Bucs to a second straight NFC South title even with a losing record.


Of course, the first Super Bowl decided in overtime featured Brady leading one of the greatest comebacks in sports history.

Trailing Atlanta 28-3 in the third quarter, Brady threw two TDs and then drove the Patriots 91 yards by completing six passes to set up the tying score inside the final minute. Once New England won the coin toss, Brady completed his first five passes as the Patriots won 34-28 for their fifth Super Bowl on Feb. 7, 2017.


Already the oldest quarterback to play in a Super Bowl, Brady outdueled the NFL’s young MVP in Patrick Mahomes in Kansas City on Jan. 20, 2019, with another Super Bowl berth on the line. Brady answered each big drive by Mahomes, especially in a thrilling fourth quarter in which the lead was swapped four times.

Once the Chiefs forced overtime, Brady took over after the Patriots won the coin toss. He converted on a trio of third-and-10s with a pair of passes to Julian Edelman and a third to Rob Gronkowsk to set up the clinching TD run by Rex Burkhead.


Even coming close to Brady’s record in Super Bowls will be very challenging after he won No. 7 in his first season in Tampa Bay. He threw two touchdowns to Gronkowski and a third to Antonio Brown as the Bucs routed Mahomes and the Chiefs 31-9.

And yes, Brady helped the Bucs become the first franchise ever to win the Super Bowl on its home field.

Brady helped the Patriots put an end to Tebowmania in spectacular fashion. Brady tied a playoff record set first by Daryle Lamonica, then matched by Steve Young by throwing six TD passes in a divisional game against Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos on Jan. 14, 2012.

He threw the first within the first two minutes to Wes Welker and wound up with all six in the Patriots’ first nine drives. Brady threw three passes to Gronkowski. And two of Brady’s six TDs came in the final two minutes of the first half.

Brady finished with 363 yards passing in the Patriots’ 45-10 victory.

Brady dominated his rivalry with five-time NFL MVP Peyton Manning, winning 11 of their 17 meetings and their first playoff showdown.

With the Patriots and Colts facing off in the AFC championship game on Brady’s home turf on Jan. 18, 2004, Brady set the tone from the start. He capped an opening drive with a TD pass to David Givens and had the Patriots up 15-0 at halftime on the way to a 24-14 victory and another Super Bowl berth.

Brady gave a preview of postseason success to come on Jan. 19, 2002, in his only playoff game at old Foxboro Stadium, with a big assist from a replay review.

Trailing the Oakland Raiders 13-10 with 1:50 left, former Michigan teammate Charles Woodson knocked the ball out of Brady’s hand. The Raiders recovered the fumble and celebrated only to have the call reversed on replay by referee Walt Coleman because of the little-known Tuck Rule. The rule was later eliminated.

Brady found David Patten on the next play for a 13-yard pass, setting up Adam Vinatieri’s tying field goal. In overtime, Brady completed eight straight passes to position Vinatieri for the winning field goal that launched Brady and the Patriots on the way to their first Super Bowl title.


Republicans Set To Oust Rep. Omar From Foreign Affairs Panel

Rep Ilhan Omar of Minnesota has gone on record with her hatred of Israel on numerous occasions. Photo Credit: AP

(AP) — Newly empowered House Republicans are preparing to oust Democratic Rep. Ilhan Omar, a Somali-born Muslim lawmaker, from the House Foreign Affairs Committee over her past comments critical of Israel — and as payback after Democrats booted far-right GOP lawmakers from committees for their incendiary, violent remarks.

A procedural vote Wednesday showed unified Republican support for moving against Omar, who has apologized for comments that she has said she came to understand were viewed as antisemitic. It was approved on party lines, with all Democrats opposed. A final vote was expected Thursday.

House Speaker Kevin McCarthy has been eager to flex Republican power to remove the Minnesota Democrat after he blocked Rep. Adam Schiff and Rep. Eric Swalwell, both California Democrats, from rejoining the House Intelligence Committee once the GOP took control of the chamber in January. Unlike most committees, appointments to the Intelligence Committee are the prerogative of the speaker.

“This is about vengeance. This is about spite. This is about politics,” said Rep. James McGovern of Massachusetts, the top Democrat on the House Rules Committee, as Republicans called a hurried meeting late Tuesday to consider the move against Omar.

McGovern argued that Democrats had removed Reps. Marjorie Taylor Greene, R-Ga., and Paul Gosar, R-Ariz., from committees for remarks that were far more extreme and violent against fellow lawmakers than those for which Omar had apologized.

Republicans said they were waiting for Democrats to formally nominate Omar to the committee, which she served on during the last Congress. Once the committee roster is approved by the House, then Republicans would move to strip her of the seat.

Democrats have little recourse at this point and are planning to formally submit their lineup for a vote. “We are united that she should be seated on the committee, said Rep. Gregory Meeks of New York, the ranking Democrat on the committee.

The resolution proposed by Rep. Max Miller, R-Ohio, a former official in the Trump administration, says “Omar’s comments have brought dishonor to the House of Representatives.”

Texas Rep. Michael McCaul, the committee chairman, argued against her inclusion on the committee in a recent closed-door meeting with fellow Republicans.

“It’s just that her worldview of Israel is so diametrically opposed to the committee’s,” McCaul said. “I don’t mind having differences of opinion, but this goes beyond that.” Having her on the committee, he said, “creates dysfunction.”

Omar said the issues Republicans have cited in opposing her are a pretext to justify their actions. In reality, “it is about revenge. It’s about appeasing the former president,” Omar said a recent news conference at the Capitol, referring to Donald Trump.

Omar said that she, along with Schiff and Swalwell, who were House managers in Trump’s impeachment trials, “have been a thorn in the back of the previous, disgraced president.”

Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-N.Y., said Omar brings a “powerful perspective” to the committee, and she accused Republicans of engaging in a “disgusting form of targeting.”

McCarthy, R-Calif., has strained to ensure he has enough support from his Republican ranks to oust Omar. Republicans command a slim majority and several GOP lawmakers have been reluctant to engage in tit-for-tat retribution against colleagues. But GOP leaders are moving ahead after several holdouts signaled their support.

The drive against Omar comes as embattled Republican Rep. George Santos said he would step aside from his own committee assignments as the House Ethics Committee investigates his actions. The New York Republican has acknowledged embellishments and even lies about his education, work experience and other aspects of his personal and professional life.

Several Republicans have been wary of taking action against Omar while they are also having to answer for the many questions emerging about Santos.


Kentucky vs Long Island at Masbia’s Chop Hunger IV

At the Union Square Green Market at the end of a successful food rescue Naomi and Steve Ross and the their two children can be seen on the left

Kentucky vs Long Island at Masbia’s Chop Hunger IV

New York, NY – On Wednesday, February 8th, two culinary worlds will come together for one purpose. Restaurateur Micah Seavers, who got involved with the Masbia Relief Team in the aftermath of the tornado that ripped through Kentucky in December 2021, will come to New York City and contrast his cooking against long-time Masbia volunteer and cookbook author, Naomi Ross.


2017 Chop hunger III L-R Itta Werdiger (2017 Winner), Melinda Strauss (MC), Naomi Nachman Masbia board Co-Chair. (1)
At the Union Square Green Market at the end of a successful food rescue Naomi and Steve Ross and the their two children can be seen on the left (1)

Naomi Ross and Micah Seavers, will each present six of their favorite dishes paired with selected wines, at a beautiful event hosted by Digital Content Creator, Melinda Strauss, while showing their techniques and discussing their food heritage.

Chop hunger IV will raise funds to help feed the needy at the Masbia Soup Kitchen Network, where event MC, Melinda Strauss, who has been a long-time Masbia supporter through many of her endeavors, such as her famous annual Jewish Food Media Conferences and her personal birthday fundraisers.

Chop Hunger 2015 table of Judges L-R Emcee Avi Levy (Standing), Food Writer Liza Schoenfein, Shifra Klein is the EIC of Fleishigs, Naftali Hanau CEO at Grow & Behold
During the Tornado Relief 2021 visit inside Southern Red’s BBQ L-R Micah Seavers his father evangelist Fred Seavers and Alexander Rapaport

“This new upscale take on the Chop Hunger event has two very notable, new features”, said Alexander Rapaport, Executive Director of Masbia. “All of the onstage participants have worked in the trenches with Masbia to feed the needy and it’s not a buffet event, but a high-end, gourmet experience.”

Getting Trailer loads supplies in to the farm tractors garage during Kentucky tornado relief 2021 L-R Alexander Rapaport, Micah Seavers

Micah Seavers, whose family has been in the restaurant business since he was 12 years old, turned their current restaurant, Southern Red’s BBQ & Catering, into a relief center immediately after the historic tornado of December 2021 due to the restaurant’s proximity to the tornado’s path of destruction. A few days later, the Masbia Relief Team arrived from NYC with much needed equipment and supplies, led by Rabbi Simon Taylor of the Orthodox Union and Naomi Nachman, cookbook author and Co-Chair of the Masbia board. Micah will bring his non-kosher, southern, culinary skills to New York on February 8th when he will present the kosher version of his dishes.

L-R Naomi Ross, cookbook author, Simi Ganzfried senior associate at Masbia preping fruits to feed the needy at the Jewish Food Media Conference in 2017
Masbia Chef Ruben Diaz and Naomi Ross cooking at Masbia of Flatbush during Covid.

Cooking instructor, Naomi Ross, who recently debuted her first cookbook, The Giving Table, after many years of teaching home chefs of all ages, will juxtapose her kosher cooking skills and techniques against Micah’s. Naomi has been volunteering with Masbia’s head chef Ruben Diaz, taking part in food rescues at the Union Square Greenmarket, cooking hundreds of meals during COVID, sharing her recipes when needed, and helping with fundraising.

Micah Seavers tending the large smoker at Southern Reds BBQ & Catering
Micah Seavers working the griddle at Southern Reds BBQ & Catering
Naomi Ross and her son Mordechai packaging meals at Masbia of Flatbush during COVID.

While the live event will be exclusively for those who have purchased the extravagant, high-priced tickets, Chop Hunger will run a pop-up restaurant throughout the day for those who want a taste of the action beforehand or simply can’t make it to the event. They will be able to buy lunch or dinner from a select menu for take home or delivery in the borough of Manhattan. The newly renovated social hall at the West Side Institutional Synagogue will be buzzing with excitement as chefs and foodies prepare a 12-course meal where each dish will be served with award-winning wine after being showcased on stage.


Rabbi Shaul Robinson of Lincoln Square Synagogue at Masbia’s 2nd Chop Hunger
TikTok Creator Melinda Strauss preparing fruits to feed the needy at Masbia during the 2017 Jewish Food Media Conference.

Police: Vegas Suspect Threatened To ‘shoot up’ a Nevada Chabad Synagogue

The synagogue at Chabad of Southern Nevada in Las Vegas. Source:

(JNS) – A Las Vegas man has been arrested after allegedly making threats against the city’s Chabad of Southern Nevada.

Michael Sanchez, 37, allegedly called one of the Chabad rabbis on Sunday, threatening to “shoot up” the synagogue. The rabbi contacted law enforcement and provided Sanchez’s phone number.

At his home, Sanchez confessed to authorities that he made the call, adding that “Jews and police were out to get him.” Las Vegas police officers arrested him on Monday, and he is being held on $20,000 bail.

“Unfortunately the news story going around is true,” the Chabad of Southern Nevada posted on Facebook late Tuesday night. “We were threatened this past Sunday by a troubled individual who spewed hatred towards us in particular and Jews as a whole.”

“We would like to thank Metro and the FBI for taking these threats seriously, and making sure we are safe,” they wrote. “Thankfully within hours the perpetrator was taken into custody.

“By continuing to add in Torah and mitzvos while spreading positivity we will continue to light up Las Vegas and be a force for good,” they added, using the Hebrew word for good deeds.

In a video posted on Facebook, Stefanie Tuzman, president and CEO of the state’s Jewish federation, said that “violent antisemitic attacks are becoming more common, and it’s a devastating reminder that we are still being targeted simply for being Jewish.”

She noted that recent antisemitic incidents included the murder of Jews in Jerusalem on Shabbat and the attempted fire-bombing of a N.J. synagogue.

This is not the Las Vegas synagogue’s first bout with antisemitism.

In May 2017, a man set fire to both a trash can inside the building and a car in the synagogue parking lot while the congregation conducted evening prayer services inside. That suspect was also quickly apprehended.

Vessel Strike Blamed For Humpback Whale’s Death In New York

People work around the carcass of a dead whale in Lido Beach, N.Y., Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023. The 35-foot humpback whale, that washed ashore and subsequently died, is one of several cetaceans that have been found over the past two months along the shores of New York and New Jersey. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

(AP) — A humpback whale that washed ashore on a New York beach this week was likely killed by a vessel, federal authorities said Wednesday.

A necropsy will determine the exact cause of death for the whale, a male named Luna that was more than 40 years old and had been tracked by marine biologists for decades, said officials with the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration.

The whale was discovered Monday morning at Lido Beach West Town Park on Long Island and was hauled up to the beach with a crane.

A necropsy team including representatives from the Atlantic Marine Conservation Society, NOAA Fisheries, the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation, the Mystic Aquarium Animal Response Program and the Marine Mammal Stranding Center assembled Tuesday and cut through the blubber to collect samples of the whale’s internal organs, NOAA officials said in a statement.

A man takes a sample from a dead whale’s fin in Lido Beach, N.Y., Tuesday, Jan. 31, 2023. The 35-foot humpback whale, that washed ashore and subsequently died, is one of several cetaceans that have been found over the past two months along the shores of New York and New Jersey. (AP Photo/Seth Wenig)

The whale was likely killed by a vessel strike, the officials said, but more will be known once the results of the samples become available.
Officials said the whale’s level of decomposition indicated that it had died several days before washing ashore, contradicting early reports that the animal had beached itself while it was alive.

The whale was about 41 feet (12 meters) long and weighed 29,000 pounds (13,154 kilos), the officials said.

NOAA, which is responsible for the nation’s oceans and fisheries, says 19 humpback whales were stranded last year along the U.S. Atlantic coast. During the first month of this year, there have already been seven of the whales beached from Maine to Florida.

Foreign Policy Hawk Nikki Haley Throws Hat In Ring for 2024

Former United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley (Flash90/Yonatan Sindel)

(Free Beacon)Former South Carolina governor Nikki Haley will launch her candidacy for the 2024 Republican presidential nomination on Feb. 15, squaring off against her one-time boss, former president Donald Trump, according to a source familiar with her plans.

An Idiot’s Guide to Glowing Coverage in the New York Times

Haley, who as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations defended American interests abroad and frequently slammed the agency’s anti-Israel bias, is expected to release details about her White House bid in an invitation to supporters later on Wednesday, according to local news outlet the Post and Courier.

The daughter of two Indian immigrants who ran a successful clothing store in a rural part of the state, Haley has gained a reputation in the Republican Party for her ability to address issues of gender and race in a more credible fashion than many of her peers. Still, Democrats and the media have frequently attacked Haley over her race, falsely accusing the former governor of downplaying her Indian ancestry to appeal to Republican voters.

Haley has pitched herself as a proponent of a strong American foreign policy, having served as U.S. ambassador to the United Nations under Trump from 2017 to 2018. During that time, the United States pulled out of the Iran nuclear deal, which was inked under Democratic president Barack Obama and faced criticism for enabling the Islamic regime’s terrorist activities.

During her time as ambassador, Haley frequently attacked the United Nations Human Rights Council over its entrenched bias against Israel, calling it the agency’s “greatest failure.”

“The Human Rights Council has provided cover, not condemnation, for the world’s most inhumane regimes,” Haley said in a 2018 speech. “It has been a bully pulpit for human rights violators … It has focused its attention unfairly and relentlessly on Israel. Meanwhile, it has ignored the misery inflicted by regimes in Venezuela, Cuba, Zimbabwe, and China.”

The former governor has since emerged as a vocal critic of the Biden administration’s foreign policy, telling the Washington Free Beacon in August that the president’s bungled withdrawal from Afghanistan was a “slap in the face” to every U.S. combat veteran.

In June, Haley said the West’s “total failure of deterrence” spurred Russian president Vladimir Putin’s invasion of Ukraine.

Haley received national attention in 2015 when, as governor, she signed a bill into law removing the Confederate battle flag from the grounds of the South Carolina state capitol, following the murder of nine black churchgoers by white supremacist Dylann Roof.

If she were to win the nomination, Haley would be the first woman at the top of the Republican presidential ticket in history, as well as the party’s first non-white nominee.

Playing into Haley’s hands may be geography: South Carolina is historically the third state to host the Republican nominating contest, and it often plays an outsized role in the race. Haley, who governed the state from 2011 to 2017, is popular there, polls show.

While she comes into the race as an underdog—most national polls show her support in the single digits—Haley is used to running from behind, having gained a reputation in political circles for coming out on top in tough-to-win races. Haley in 2014 won reelection to the governor’s mansion by 15 points.

During her time as governor, Haley earned a reputation as a “Jobs Governor,” overseeing the creation of more than 85,000 jobs in South Carolina as she worked to cut taxes and repeal burdensome regulations. Haley also signed a bill to crack down on illegal immigration, requiring state police to check the immigration status of suspected illegal aliens.

US Mideast diplomacy isn’t advancing peace or democracy

Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu and U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken at a joint press conference in Jerusalem, Jan. 30, 2023. Photo by Yoav Ari Dudkevitch/POOL.

Jonathan S. Tobin

 During U.S. Secretary of State Antony Blinken’s visit to Jerusalem this week, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu did his best to act as if the U.S.-Israel relationship had never been better. Netanyahu praised Blinken and President Joe Biden with the usual boilerplate rhetoric about the strength of the alliance. He also pointed to America’s standing by Israel while it is subjected to terrorist attacks, such as the massacre last week at a Jerusalem synagogue.

Defense Minister Yoav Gallant did the same, using his meeting with Blinken to emphasize what Israel hopes will be a unified policy with the United States on the Iranian nuclear threat—now that the Biden administration’s effort to revive the Obama-era appeasement policy toward Tehran has clearly failed.

The wrong message

Nevertheless, Blinken’s visit said much more about what is wrong with the alliance and American Middle East policy than what is right. Though he condemned the terror attack and argued for Israel’s right to self-defense, he also demanded “calm” from both Israel and the Palestinians. This conveyed a bad message vis-à-vis Washington’s stance on the Palestinian Authority’s “pay for slay” policy—of providing salaries and pensions to terrorists and their families –and inability to accept the legitimacy of a Jewish state.

Blinken’s failure to hold P.A. leader Mahmoud Abbas responsible for the uptick in terrorism, which he wrongly attributed to the lack of a viable peace process, made it clear that Washington wasn’t interested in addressing the real reasons for the violence.

Just as bad, his thinly veiled attack on the Netanyahu government’s judicial-reform proposals was the kind of blatant intervention in Israel’s domestic politics that the Democratic administration wouldn’t tolerate from any other country that expressed an opinion about its policies.

It’s true that the U.S.-Israel alliance could be in worse shape than it is. The Biden administration does have the distinction of being the first American government in a half century that didn’t enter office fixated on the idea of solving the Israeli-Palestinian conflict. This was as true of the Trump administration as of its predecessors, though it eventually switched to a much more productive policy aimed at normalizing relations between Israel and other Arab states.

Biden’s team is a devout believer in the myth that the two-state solution is the only path to a resolution of the conflict. But even Biden and Blinken understand that the Palestinians are no more willing to negotiate seriously with Israel than they were during the Obama administration (under which most of the current crew served), in spite of the latter’s having tilted the diplomatic playing field in the direction of the P.A..

The failure of their determined efforts to revive an even worse version of Obama’s disastrous nuclear deal—one that would guarantee, rather than prevent, an Iranian bomb—has also brought Washington closer to Jerusalem. With Iran not only spurning the Biden team’s ardent wooing, but intervening on behalf of Moscow in the Russia-Ukraine war (the Americans’ foreign-policy obsession), has made the Democrats’ much-hoped-for rapprochement with Tehran impossible.

It’s hard to take seriously Blinken’s claim that a “military option” was still on the table to stop an Iranian breakout to a nuclear weapon. There’s no reason to believe that Biden has any intention of taking such a step, no matter the provocation. What’s more, by stripping U.S. forces of arms and ammunition in order to meet Ukraine’s needs, he has made any American military intervention elsewhere even more unlikely.

Still, Washington and Jerusalem are now sounding some of the same notes on this existential threat to Israel’s existence. This puts Israel—and its Arab allies in the Gulf—in a much stronger position to resist Iran’s ambitions in the region.

But Blinken’s pronouncements also illustrated how destructive the Biden administration’s Middle East policies can be, while demonstrating that toppling Netanyahu is one its objectives.

Biden’s and Blinken’s rhetoric about standing stressed by Netanyahu was undermined by the moral equivalence inherent in their call for de-escalation from both sides. The assumption of the foreign-policy establishment and international media that recent events are another example of a “cycle of violence” is false.

The lack of peace and upsurge in terror are solely the fault of a Palestinian leadership incapable of envisioning an identity for its people that isn’t linked to its century-old war on Zionism and the Jews. This is why P.A. rhetoric, media reportage and school curricula are filled with incitement to violence and glorification of “martyrs” killed in the process of murdering Jews.

Nor did Blinken use his meeting with Abbas to criticize Ramallah’s “pay for slay” policy. The administration has sought every means to evade enforcing the Taylor Force Act, which bans U.S. aid to the P.A. until it ceases funding terrorists.

Just as bad, Blinken said the U.S. would give an additional $50 million to UNRWA, the U.N.’s Palestinian refugee agency that continues to help perpetuate the conflict. By touting a future with a Palestinian state—without making clear that the primary obstacle has always been the refusal of the Palestinians to give up their fantasy of Israel’s extinction—the secretary is merely ensuring another generation of bloodshed.

Undermining Netanyahu

No less outrageous were Blinken’s lectures to Netanyahu about preserving democracy. No Israeli, least of all the prime minister, failed to understand what he meant. Blinken said that “support for core democratic principles and institutions, including respect for human rights, the equal administration of justice for all, the equal rights of minority groups, the rule of law, free press, a robust civil society.”

And if anyone was in doubt about that being a swipe at the Israeli government’s efforts to promote much-needed judicial reforms, he followed it up by saying that “building consensus for new proposals is the most effective way to ensure they’re embraced, and that they endure.”

Those lines were straight out of the Israeli opposition’s playbook. They signaled Washington’s rejection of efforts to restrain an out-of-control Israeli Supreme Court that seeks to protect the power of leftist elites and override the will of the Israeli voters in a manner that no American politician would tolerate from U.S. courts.

In other words, the Biden administration is treating the government that garnered a majority of Knesset seats on Nov. 1 as essentially illegitimate. Far from protecting democracy in Israel, the Americans want to thwart it in order to overthrow a prime minister and coalition that will not meekly follow orders from Washington—something Netanyahu’s opponents have shown they will gladly do.

Biden may not be headed down the same peace-process rabbit hole as Obama and other American presidents. But Blinken’s latest trip to the Middle East did more to ensure that there will be many more Palestinian terror atrocities in the future than to console the Israeli victims of the most recent such crimes.

And by trying to encourage Netanyahu’s detractors to topple a government that won a clear electoral victory less than three months ago, Blinken was hypocritically demonstrating that liberals in both countries only believe that the results of democratic elections should be respected when they or their allies win them.

Seen in that light, the U.S.-Israel alliance is nowhere near as strong as everyone is pretending it to be. This should worry genuine friends of peace and democracy in both countries.

Jonathan S. Tobin is editor-in-chief of JNS (Jewish News Syndicate). Follow him on Twitter at: @jonathans_tobin.

Jim Jordan Says Crisis at the Border is ‘Intentional;’ Articles of Impeachment Filed Against DHS Chief Mayorkas


Debra Heine- American Greatness

Efforts to impeach Department of Homeland Security (DHS) Secretary Alejandro Mayorkas over the border crisis appeared to gain steam on Wednesday as the Republican-controlled House Judiciary Committee met to examine the “Biden Border Crisis.”

“Month after month, we have set records for migrants coming into the country, and frankly, I think it’s intentional,” said House Judiciary Chairman Rep. Jim Jordan (R-Ohio).

Rep. Andy Biggs (R-Ariz.) on Wednesday filed articles of impeachment against Mayorkas, saying he has “a congressional responsibility to impeach figures who are in dereliction of their duties and commit crimes.”

Biggs announced his intention to introduce impeachment articles Tuesday evening on Tucker Carlson Tonight.

Biggs is the second Republican to file articles of impeachment against the embattled DHS secretary. Rep. Pat Fallon (R-Texas) filed H.Res.8 “Impeaching Alejandro Nicholas Mayorkas, Secretary of Homeland Security, for high crimes and misdemeanors” on January 9, 2023.

Speaker Kevin McCarthy (R-Calif.) called on Mayorkas to resign in November, warning that Republicans would launch an investigation to begin impeachment proceedings if he doesn’t.

“If Secretary Mayorkas does not resign, House Republicans will investigate every order, every action and every failure to determine whether we can begin impeachment inquiries,” said McCarthy during a visit to El Paso in November with other GOP lawmakers.

In December alone, Border Patrol apprehended 17 people who had names that matched those on the FBI’s watch list, bringing the total number of individuals arrested at the southern border between ports of entry to 38 since just October, Fox News reported on Wednesday.

The numbers have been steadily increasing since Joe Biden took office.

“There were 98 terror watch list arrests in FY22, 15 in FY21 and just three in FY 20 at the southern border caught between ports of entry,” according to the Fox report.

At the ports of entry at the northern and southern borders, meanwhile, CBP’s Office of Field Operations has encountered 125 people on the TSDB so far this fiscal year. In FY 2022 there were 380 apprehensions, 157 in FY21 and 196 in FY20.

The increase in apprehensions between ports of entry has raised concerns that, amid a historic spike in illegal immigration across the southern border, illegal criminals and terrorists could be slipping by overwhelmed Border Patrol agents.

So far this fiscal year, nearly 300,000 illegal immigrants have evaded Border Patrol, with an average of 2,450 a day in the last 120 days, sources told Fox News last week.

In fiscal 2022, there were nearly 600,000 gotaways. There were 389,155 gotaways at the border in fiscal 2021, and fiscal 2023 is on track to easily outpace those numbers. Last week, agents told Fox News there have been more than 1.2 million gotaways during the Biden administration.

More than 2.4 million illegal aliens crossed the US-Mexico border in the last fiscal year, according to the latest U.S. CBP data.

In just the past week (01/22/23 to 01/28/23) in Del Rio, there have been 4,297 “Known Gotaways” U.S. Border Patrol agent Jason D. Owens tweeted on Tuesday.

In a statement in January, following the release of DHS’s atrocious December border encounter numbers, Rep. Mark Green (R-Tenn.), Chairman of the Committee on Homeland Security, vowed to hold Mayorkas accountable.

“Another month and another effort from DHS to hinder transparency with the American people. It’s no surprise we get our most important information from DHS on a Friday after dark. The Southwest border is an unmitigated disaster and these monthly encounter numbers from DHS prove just that. The Biden administration continues to break its own records every month. Never before in DHS history has there been a month with encounters this high. It’s no coincidence that all of these dangerous records are happening on Biden’s watch.

“However, the tides are changing. This Committee will no longer tolerate receiving these critical updates 20 days into the month and we will no longer tolerate this refusal to enforce law and order at the border. We look forward to having Secretary Mayorkas before the Committee soon to provide answers and accountability for the significant threat these border security policies have had on our homeland security posture.”

Green promised to grill the DHS chief about the department’s catch and release policies that have led to the murder of American citizens like 20-year-old Kayla Hamilton of Maryland.

“This murder suspect allegedly killed a 20-year-old woman just months after being released into the U.S. by the Biden Administration,” Green tweeted on Jan. 23. “We’ll be adding this incident to our list of questions to ask Secretary Mayorkas.”

The House Judiciary Committee held a hearing Wednesday morning to examine the influx of illegal immigrants and security concerns at the southern border, as well as arguments to impeach Mayorkas over the border crisis.

In his opening statement Jordan said it looks to him like the chaos at the border is “deliberate,” “pre-meditated,” and “intentional.”

“Month after month, we have set records for migrants coming into the country, and frankly, I think it’s intentional,” Jordan said. “I don’t know how anyone with common sense of logic can reach any other conclusion. It seems deliberate, it seems pre-meditated, it seems intentional.” The Ohio Republican also noted that illegal immigration is now exploding on the United State’s northern border, as well.

CBP officials said in a statement last week that between Oct. 1, 2002, and Dec. 31, 2022, Vermont’s Swanton Sector recorded an increase in apprehensions and encounters of around 743 percent compared to the same period in 2021.

The statement went on to say that “combined apprehensions and encounters in Fiscal Year 2023 have already surpassed that of Fiscal Year 2022 and recent trends represent a sustained increase in illegal border crossings as we head into the harshest winter months.”

Jordan noted that Mayorkas had previously declared that “we are executing our plan on the border,” and Biden had stated that “we’re trying to make it easier for people to get here.”

“Well, they’re certainly succeeding in that,” Jordan quipped.

Lawmakers heard testimony from two Texas county judges, an Arizona sheriff and the co-founder of an anti-fentanyl advocacy group whose son died of an overdose of the drug.

“Today, we will hear about some of the effects of Biden’s open border policies on everyday Americans and the communities in which they live. We will hear about dangerous encounters with migrants … we’ll hear about the devastating effects of fentanyl on American families,” Jordan said.

Brandon Dunn, co-founder of Forever 15 Project, offered heartbreaking testimony about the loss of his teenage son to fentanyl.

Sheriff Mark Dannels of Cochise County, Arizona, described the impact the border crisis has had on his community.

DHS told congressional Republicans last month that it would not allow four senior Border Patrol officials to testify about the chaos at the border.

“DHS is obstructing congressional oversight,” Rep. James Comer, the chairman of the House Oversight Committee, wrote in a letter challenging the move.

After Comer threatened threated to use “the compulsory process” to force Mayorkas’ hand, DHS relented, according to Oversight Republicans. The Oversight Committee will hold its own hearing on the border crisis next Tuesday.


24 people charged for harassing Italian Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre

Yellow Star of David with shadow on black background. Credit: Ausra Barysiene/Shutterstock.

(A7) Two dozen people were charged by the Italian police for the online harassment of Senator for life and Holocaust survivor Liliana Segre on International Holocaust Remembrance Day.

Segre, 92, holds numerous honours for her work educating against antisemitism, including being one of four Holocaust survivors awarded the first Simon Wiesenthal Prize in 2022 and receiving the French Legion of Honor in 2021.

She filed a report with the police, the Milan Carabinieri, against 24 people for antisemitic attacks, including defamation and death threats, the Jewish Chronicle reported.

The accused were charged by the Carabinieri for defaming Segre. Those charged include Italian celebrity chef Gabriele “Chef Rubio” Rubini and Nicola Barreca, who was the secretary of the Reggio Calabria wing of the League Party of Matteo Salvini. Barreca, who is fighting the charges, has since been suspended from the party.

Chef Rubio reportedly claimed that Segre was guilty of “a deafening silence over the plight of Palestine,” and referred to Israel as “fascist.” He has been charged with antisemitism in the past but each time denied the allegations and insisted he was not an antisemite but an anti-Zionist.

His Twitter bio contains the statement, “Zionism = Mafia, Genocide, Ethnic Cleansing, Occupation, Colonialism, Apartheid, Racism, Fascism, Supremacism.”As Segre’s profile has grown in the last few years due to her campaign to educate young people about the Holocaust, she has been subjected to multiple instances of antisemitism from the left and the right in Italy. She is now forced to travel only with bodyguards.

In Apri 2021, a mural dedicated to her in the Italian city of Ariano Irpino was defaced with pro-Mussolini graffiti and a crude attempt at drawing a swastika.

Ariano Irpino Mayor Enrico Franza denounced the vandalism of the monument, writing: “If we think about it, the author, with this gesture, in his profound ignorance and in a completely unconscious way, allows us to reflect on how priceless is the moral value of Liliana Segre’s warning not to remain indifferent and to firmly condemn acts of violence like these.”

NYC Mayor Tries to Convince Migrants to Trade Swanky Hotel for City Shelter: ‘Even the Snacks are Healthy

The Working Families Party of NYC is seeking a candidate to challenge Mayor Adams in the next election. Photo Credit: John Minchillo/AP

John Binder

New York City Mayor Eric Adams (D) is pleading with border crossers, who are refusing to leave the Watson Hotel in Manhattan where they were initially placed for free, to relocate to the city’s mega-shelter at the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal.

Last week, as Breitbart News reported, city officials sought to move single male adult border crossers out of the Watson Hotel in the Hell’s Kitchen neighborhood where Adams’ administration had initially placed them as part of his migrant hotels plan.

Instead, though, many of the border crossers are still refusing to leave the Watson Hotel and are camping outside on the sidewalks to protest the Brooklyn Cruise Terminal, which they claim is inadequate.

In a video message alongside an economic migrant from Venezuela, Adams is pleading with border crossers to leave the Watson Hotel and relocate to the mega-shelter — seeking to entice them with healthy food options and warm rooms.

“I just had to come here when I started hearing all the rumors about it was too cold — my brother got on shorts, it’s warm inside — about the food not being there,” Adams said. “You know healthy food is present. Even the snacks are healthy. We just need to stop the anxiety.”

“When I spoke to the men who are here, they shared the same energy — ‘We want to come here, we want to work, we want to pursue the American dream. We’re thankful to the people of New York City.’ I heard that over and over again,” Adams continued.

Wilson, an economic migrant from Venezuela who seemingly has no valid claim to asylum, said the goal of migrants arriving is “to work and get ahead … for ourselves.” Seeking a job, though, is not a legitimate claim for asylum in the United States.

As nearly 50,000 border crossers have been bused to New York City, a sanctuary jurisdiction, since the spring of last year, Adams has recently called on President Joe Biden to “fairly distribute” illegal immigration across the U.S.

John Binder is a reporter for Breitbart News. Email him at Follow him on Twitter here.


Big Tech goes full Big Brother to bury explosive video exposing Pfizer


Peter LaBarbera(WND)

The most widely viewed and explosive video in Project Veritas’ history of undercover “sting” reporting is so popular that it has drawn Big Tech censorship despite being virtually ignored by the mainstream media.

A new whistleblower leak to PV shows exactly how YouTube, owned by Google, restricted the ability of people to see the undercover videos — using the claim of “COVID vaccine misinformation.”

Last week, Project Veritas exposed a Pfizer executive, Jordon Trishton Walker, who revealed in a secretly taped video conversation that his corporation was exploring intentionally creating mutations of the COVID virus to “preemptively develop new vaccines.”

Walker indicated Covid “is going to be a cash cow for us” and said, “Don’t tell anyone this. …There is a risk … have to be very controlled to make sure this virus you mutate doesn’t create something … the way that the virus started in Wuhan, to be honest.”

That undercover video has been viewed some 30 million times in less than a week, according to Project Veritas, despite being ignored outside of Fox News and conservative media outlets.

Walker, who thought he was on a homosexual date with the man who turned out to be a Project Veritas undercover journalist, later physically attacked PV founder James O’Keefe after O’Keefe confronted him in an eatery, with videotape rolling, about the original sting video:

A leaked YouTube memo, like the “Twitter files” made possible by Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, gives a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a giant social-media corporation and how it goes about blocking access to conservative content. It also shows that establishment COVID narratives remain a useful tool for Big Tech censors.

The Jan. 27 memo, titled “URGENT GUIDANCE: Project Veritas video on the Pfizer vaccine,” claims that the full PV video “violates the [Youtube] COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation policy for making a categorical claim that COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective, and should therefore be removed….”

Project Veritas displays a leaked internal YouTube memo on its Instagram page.
Project Veritas displays a leaked internal YouTube memo on its Instagram page.

It then gives the offending quote by O’Keefe commenting in the original PV video on his undercover reporter’s findings (emphasis theirs): “Our undercover journalist asked Walker how Pfizer is handling the fact that their COVID vaccines are ineffective against virus variants. What he said is disturbing; listen to this.” The memo directs all uploaded videos containing that “timestamp” to be taken down.

Under the heading, “WHY:” the YouTube memo states, “It is important that we remove violative reuploads of this content as it spreads harmful misinformation about approved vaccines against COVID-19.”

Under “WHO:” it states, “All agents working Medical Misinfo Queues.”

At press time, Project Veritas’ Twitter page records 47.3 millions views of the tweet containing the original undercover video of the Pfizer executive.

A leaked YouTube memo, like the “Twitter files” made possible by Elon Musk’s purchase of Twitter, gives a rare glimpse into the inner workings of a giant social-media corporation and how it goes about blocking access to conservative content. It also shows that establishment COVID narratives remain a useful tool for Big Tech censors.

The Jan. 27 memo, titled “URGENT GUIDANCE: Project Veritas video on the Pfizer vaccine,” claims that the full PV video “violates the [Youtube] COVID-19 Vaccine Misinformation policy for making a categorical claim that COVID-19 vaccines are ineffective, and should therefore be removed….”

Project Veritas displays a leaked internal YouTube memo on its Instagram page.
Project Veritas displays a leaked internal YouTube memo on its Instagram page.

After YouTube was roundly criticized for blocking O’Keefe’s video, Rumble boasted that it will always be available on its platform.

PV founder O’Keefe says his non-profit organization would not have such a huge following were it not for the corporate-influenced bias in subservient liberal media: “For those who don’t like the video having 30 mil views Ask yourself: Why does Project Veritas even have a mission If YouTube weren’t taking down our video, and large multinational corps weren’t telling journalists not to cover stories, there wouldn’t be a need for people like me.”

Content created by the WND News Center is available for re-publication without charge to any eligible news publisher that can provide a large audience. For licensing opportunities of our original content, please contact

This article was originally published by the WND News Center.



FBI Searches Biden’s Rehoboth Beach House in Classified Documents Investigation

President Joe Biden looks out the window of the Oval Office to the Rose Garden of the White House Monday, July 26, 2021, prior to the president’s remarks on the 31st Anniversary of the Americans with Disabilities Act. (Official White House photo by Adam Schultz)

(Breitbart) The FBI is searching President Joe Biden’s beach house in Rehoboth, Delaware, in connection with the Justice Department’s (DOJ) probe into Biden’s handling of classified documents, Biden’s personal attorney confirmed Wednesday.

The search is the third to take place since November 2, when Biden’s attorneys say they first discovered documents marked classified from Biden’s time as vice president.

The search was conducted without the use of a warrant and in coordination with Biden’s attorneys, CBS first reported Wednesday morning.


Shortly after the outlet broke the news on the FBI activity, Biden’s attorney Bob Bauer confirmed the news in a statement, noting it was planned and that DOJ’s “standard procedures” included conducting the search without notifying the public in advance.

“Today, with the President’s full support and cooperation, the DOJ is conducting a planned search of his home in Rehoboth, Delaware. Under DOJ’s standard procedures, in the interests of operational security and integrity, it sought to do this without advance public notice, and we agreed to cooperate,” Bauer said.

News of the search comes after the FBI conducted a search in mid-November at the Penn Biden Center, a think tank in D.C. where documents with classified markings were first discovered. CBS first reported on that search on Tuesday after neither the White House nor Bauer nor DOJ made it known to the public.

A second search was conducted January 20 at Biden’s residence in Wilmington, Delaware. Bauer announced news of that search the day after it occurred and revealed at the time that several more documents with classified markings had been uncovered during it.

“The search today is a further step in a thorough and timely DOJ process we will continue to fully support and facilitate,” Bauer said Wednesday. “We will have further information at the conclusion of today’s search.”

Write to Ashley Oliver at Follow her on Twitter at @asholiver.


Terrorist’s family confirms deadly attack targeted Ben-Gvir

Israeli National Security Minister Itamar Ben-Gvir demanded that laws be applied equally to Israelis and Palestinians in Judea and Samaria. (Yonatan Sindel/Flash90)

By Baruch Yedid, TPS

The family of Muhammad al-Jabari, who killed an Israeli in a terror attack last year, told the Tazpit Press Service that the intended target may have been Itamar Ben-Gvir, who now serves as Israel’s minister of National Security.

Jabari opened fire on Israelis outside a Palestinian convenience store at an entrance to Kiryat Arba, near Ben-Gvir’s residence, on October 29, 2022,

Ronen Hanina, a 50-year-old Israeli who was shopping, was killed. Three Israelis and one Palestinian were wounded in the attack. A security guard rammed Jabari with his car while an off-duty soldier shot and killed the terrorist.

Sources from the terrorist’s family told TPS that Jabari — a Hamas member who was an Islamic education teacher in Hebron — was a cancer patient who suffered severe paralysis in his legs and wanted to die assassinating Ben-Gvir. They said it was possible Jabari thought Ben-Gvir was home after seeing a vehicle he mistakenly thought belonged to him.

Ben-Gvir initially tweeted that evening that his home had been targeted. He later specified that his wife and five children were home at the time of the attack but that he was not. Israeli security authorities said Ben-Gvir’s home was not targeted.

In response to threats on Ben-Gvir’s life, the Knesset boosted his personal security in October. Measures included providing the minister with a bullet-proof car and stationing a sentry outside his home.

Ben-Gvir has been a lightning rod for pro-Palestinian critics. He regularly visits the Temple Mount and has set up an office in the eastern Jerusalem neighborhood of Shimon HaTzadik, aka Sheikh Jarrah. In an incident in 2021, Ben-Gvir pulled out a gun during a quarrel with an Arab security guard in a Tel Aviv parking garage.


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