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Odds and Ends

PMVB Announces First-Ever Community Impact Grant

Applications are now open for the PMVB Community Impact Grant, a newly-established program from the Pocono Mountains Visitors Bureau. Grant dollars will help fund a variety...

John Kerry reports for duty in war on carbon dioxide

By Monica Showalter(American Thinker) Three months into the job, and already Joe Biden's climate czar, John Kerry, is making a fool of himself on the world...

OJ Simpson Rips LeBron James for Tweeting Cop Pic: ‘Wait for the Facts!’

WARNER TODD HUSTON Former NFL star and famous Bronco passenger OJ Simpson took a swipe at NBA star LeBron James saying James should “pick” his...

Actor Jim Caviezel Claims Children are Harvested for Adrenochrome

(TJVNEWS) Jim Caviezel, star of  Person of Interest and Passion of the Christ recently told the audience streaming an oddball event called “Health and...

BANNED VIDEO: ” Bill Gates Deleted” , Viral Documentary Claims to Expose Gate’s Global Agenda

(TJVNEWS.COM) The latest video, which has been purged from most social media, highlights the moment BillGates abandoned Microsoft, after numerous lawsuits, to pursue a...

Remember When……..

By Lieba Nesis -Our biggest problem as a country was bedbugs -Prince Charles was fighting Diana not coronavirus -The thought of spending time with actor Idris Elba...

Meet The Israeli Company That Wants To Top Your Pizza, Ice Coffee, And Popcorn With Cannabis

For decades, cannabis was classified by the United Nations as a drug with high potential for abuse and no medical value. The plant was included under...

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