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NYC Exodus: Boroughs Grapple with Population Decline Amid Covid Fallout

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By: Rob Otto

A recent analysis of US Census data has revealed a startling trend: four of New York City’s five boroughs have experienced a higher percentage of resident loss since the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic than any of the 40 largest counties in the nation, NY Post reported.

Leading the pack is The Bronx, witnessing a significant 7.2% drop in population over the past three years. Manny Gomez, a Bronx resident and employee of a moving company, expressed a mix of emotions, acknowledging the increased business opportunities while lamenting the rising rents that drive residents out of the city.

Brooklyn’s Kings County and Queens County closely follow with declines of 5.8% and 5.7% respectively. Meanwhile, Manhattan’s New York County saw a 4.8% decrease, reflecting the broader trend of urban flight in the wake of the pandemic.

The soaring cost of living, coupled with concerns over safety and the frenetic pace of city life, has prompted many New Yorkers to seek refuge elsewhere, with remote work options facilitating this exodus to more affordable and spacious regions.

Despite the challenges, some businesses, like moving companies, have experienced a surge in demand, indicating a tangible shift in population dynamics. However, a recent poll suggests that only half of New Yorkers plan to stay in the city over the next five years, underscoring a growing dissatisfaction with the quality of life.

Staten Island, while not immune to population decline, has seen a relatively modest decrease of just 0.8% within the same timeframe. The migration patterns highlight a broader trend of urban-to-suburban relocation, with areas in Florida, Texas, and North Carolina experiencing significant population growth.

Queens Borough President Donovan Richards attributes the exodus, at least in part, to the prohibitive cost of real estate, making homeownership unattainable for many. However, he remains optimistic about future development projects aimed at expanding housing options in the borough.

Ken Girardin, from the Empire Center for Public Policy, points to disruptions in immigration patterns under the Trump administration and subsequent COVID-related restrictions as contributing factors to New York City’s demographic shifts. These disruptions have challenged traditional population dynamics, complicating efforts to accurately gauge migration trends, he told the NY Post.

While Mayor Eric Adams’ administration questions the accuracy of federal population figures, highlighting the city’s rebound in various metrics, including job growth and crime reduction, there is acknowledgment of the need for a comprehensive reassessment of population estimates.

As New York City navigates its post-pandemic recovery, addressing the root causes of population decline and fostering an environment conducive to growth and stability remain paramount goals for policymakers and community leaders alike. The city’s ability to adapt to these challenges will shape its future trajectory and resilience in the face of ongoing demographic shifts.

“To anyone with common sense,  far left extremism is causing the population decline. Since the day former Governor Cuomo declared the end to cash bail , the decay of the state, especially in cities began. Cuomo  slithered away from all the destruction he caused  and demonized ICE, giving a green light to making NY a sanctuary state, welcoming criminal gangs and free loaders,  spitting in the face of a federal agency in the name of political correctness.”

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