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Israelis Attacked on Flight to Thailand

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(JNS) – A woman attacked two Israelis during a flight to Thailand, according to video of the incident and testimony from one of the victims.

Dotan Simon, a resident of Zikhron Ya’akov, and a friend were passengers on an Uzbekistan Airways flight to the southeastern Asian country when the woman boarded during a pit stop in the Uzbek capital of Tashkent, Channel 12 reported.

The female passenger sat behind the two friends and from the start made hostile remarks about them keeping quiet while she sleeps, according to Simon.

Around two hours later, while they were talking, she said, “Shut up already! Stop with your Hebrew.”

A few minutes later, the woman got out of her seat and attacked them.

“She again started shouting, cursing, calling us ‘murdering Israelis,’ and cursing Israel and the Jews endlessly. She approached us, threw things at us, her hair clip, and at that moment the entire plane noticed the commotion and the flight attendants rushed to the scene and grabbed her,” Simon said.

Simon and his friend asked the flight attendants to call the police when the plane landed.

“We were afraid it would be worse than it was during the flight. Fortunately, immediately upon landing they seated all the passengers in place and took her off the plane first to keep her away from us.

“According to what I understood from passengers who were with us, a lot of police were waiting for her as soon as she got off the plane. It was a stressful event for us and not pleasant at all, but the main thing is that it ended peacefully, Simon said.

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