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Alarming Rise in Anti-Semitic Beliefs Among Americans; ADL Survey Reveals Disturbing Trends

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Edited by:  Fern Sidman

The Anti-Defamation League (ADL) has released the results of its latest survey, shedding light on the prevalence of anti-Semitic beliefs among Americans. The findings, particularly concerning among younger voters, indicate a significant rise in the endorsement of anti-Semitic tropes, prompting urgent calls for action to address this troubling trend.

Key Findings of the Survey:

Increase in Endorsement of Anti-Semitic Tropes:

The survey conducted by the ADL’s Center for Anti-Semitism Research revealed that nearly one quarter of Americans endorse six or more anti-Semitic tropes. This marks an increase from the 20 percent reported in the previous survey conducted in 2022.

Endorsement of Anti-Semitic Statements:

Among the 11 anti-Semitic tropes included in the survey, two statements, including “Jews do not share my values” and “Jews don’t care what happens to anyone but their own kind,” were endorsed by more than half of the respondents.

Perceptions of Jewish Solidarity and Loyalty:

A significant portion of respondents expressed agreement with statements implying Jewish solidarity and loyalty to Israel over America. Specifically, 67 percent agreed that “Jews stick together more than other Americans,” while 54 percent concurred with the claim that “Jews in business go out of their way to hire other Jews.” Additionally, 45 percent believed that “Jews are more loyal to Israel than America.”

Endorsement of Classic Anti-Semitic Notions:

The survey also revealed the endorsement of cruder and more classic anti-Semitic notions, such as the perception of Jews as “unfriendly,” “dishonest,” or disproportionately powerful, with agreement ranging from 10 to 30 percent of respondents.

Concerns Raised by ADL’s CEO:

Jonathan Greenblatt, the CEO of the ADL, expressed shock and concern over the significant increase in openly held anti-Semitic beliefs among Americans, particularly among younger generations. He emphasized the urgent need for better solutions to address this dangerous trend before it continues to grow.

Millennials have emerged as the most susceptible group to anti-Semitic falsehoods, according to the latest data from the Anti-Defamation League’s (ADL) survey. The study reveals that members of this demographic endorse an average of 5.4 out of 11 anti-Semitic tropes. This figure is higher compared to Generation Z, Generation X, and Baby Boomers, who endorsed 5, 4.2, and 3.1 tropes respectively.

Furthermore, respondents who have friends or family supporting Hamas or harboring negative views towards Jews are more likely to agree with a higher number of anti-Jewish tropes. This observation underscores the significant influence of social norms in shaping attitudes towards anti-Semitism.

Belief in conspiracy theories also emerged as a strong predictor of anti-Semitic attitudes, with a considerable percentage of respondents endorsing notions such as Israeli operatives manipulating U.S. national policy and controlling the media. Those who fall within the upper quartile of conspiracy theory belief endorse an average of 3.8 more anti-Semitic tropes compared to those with the least belief in conspiracy theories.

Despite the concerning rise in anti-Semitic beliefs, support for the right of an independent Jewish state to exist remains overwhelming. Nearly 90 percent of respondents disagreed with the statement that “Jews do not have the right to an independent country.”

Regarding political and economic implications, 24 percent of respondents expressed reluctance to vote for a pro-Israel politician, while 21 percent stated discomfort in purchasing products from Israel.

These findings highlight the complex landscape of attitudes towards Jews and Israel in America, underscoring the need for continued efforts to combat anti-Semitism and promote understanding and tolerance among all communities.


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