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Anti-Semitic NY Prof Shellyne Rodriguez Burns American Flag at Pro-Hamas Rally

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Anti-Semitic NY Prof Shellyne Rodriguez Burns American Flag at Pro-Hamas Rally

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A resurfaced video from the Fourth of July has unveiled a disturbing scene in Brooklyn, where disgraced professor Shellyne Rodriguez, 47, wielding a machete, burned an American flag at a pro-Palestinian rally. As was indicated in a report that appeared on Saturday in the New York Post, the shocking footage depicts Rodriguez, recently ousted from Cooper Union for anti-Israel sentiments, tossing the flag into a fire alongside Israeli flags while the crowd cheers and chants slogans advocating for the eradication of Israel.

The event, hosted by the extreme leftist and anti-Israel group, Within Our Lifetime (WOL), saw participants enthusiastically rallying behind chants such as “From the river to the sea, Palestine will be free,” echoing a sentiment that has become synonymous with calls for the elimination of Israel, as was noted in the Post report. The rally’s radical agenda was further underscored by chants demanding the dismantling of walls from Palestine to Mexico, a symbolic gesture aimed at challenging perceived oppressions worldwide.

In another chilling display of activism, Rodriguez is seen leading protestors in a subsequent demonstration where chants of “globalize the intifada” reverberated through the streets, as per the report in the Post.  Accompanied by signs advocating for the abolition of the “settler state,” the rally showcased a stark rejection of established norms and a fervent commitment to radical ideologies.

Rodriguez’s history of extremist activism extends beyond the realm of political protests. Notorious for organizing anti-police demonstrations that resulted in mass arrests, she was recently terminated from Hunter College and the School of Visual Arts after wielding a machete and threatening a reporter from The Post, as was mentioned in the Post report.  Her violent outburst, coupled with her anti-Semitic rhetoric, has drawn condemnation from anti-Semitism watchdog groups such as Canary Mission.

Canary Mission, which has been investigating Rodriguez’s ties to radical groups like WOL, has called attention to her “violent and anti-Semitic actions,” labeling them as emblematic of a concerning trend linked to extremist left-wing ideologies, according to information provided in the Post report. The organization has urged universities to take decisive action in combating the dramatic escalation of virulent anti-Semitism and to take measures to ensure the safety of Jewish students, cautioning against providing platforms for individuals who propagate Jew hatred and the kind of extremism that is associated with the work, progressive movement.

“Shellyne Rodriguez’s violent and anti-Semitic actions are emblematic of a disturbing trend tied to extremist ideologies,” Canary Mission told The Post. It has been investigating her “violent and anti-Semitic actions” and ties to radical groups like WOL.

“Universities must act decisively to prevent the spread of anti-Semitism and ensure the protection of Jewish students, rather than offering a platform to those who perpetuate extremism and hate,” the organization added.

The revelations surrounding Rodriguez’s conduct have sparked widespread outrage and renewed calls for accountability within academic institutions, the Post report said. As debates over freedom of expression and the limits of activism continue to unfold, Rodriguez’s actions serve as a stark reminder of the potential consequences of unchecked radicalism and the imperative of safeguarding against extremism in all its forms.






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