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Anti-Semites Continue to Tear Down Posters of Hamas Hostages –

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(TJV) Since the outbreak of the war that the Hamas terror organization launched on Israel on October 7th in which 1400 were murdered and over 240 were taken hostage, concerned parties waged a campaign to publicize the plight of those abducted through the printing of posters with their faces on it. These posters were placed all over New York City and beyond to create the kind of awareness that this human rights issue demands.

In the immediate aftermath of the posters appearing, many people were caught on video or still photos tearing these posters down and committing acts of vandalism by doing so. It does not take much to conclude that their motive for tearing down these posters was nefarious and that it was predicated on a deep seated hatred for Jews and Israel.

In a recently published article in The Jewish Voice, a New York City public defender, Victoria Ruiz, 36, gained notoriety after being captured on video tearing down posters depicting hostages from the Israel-Hamas conflict in New York City. The video, which went viral was posted by the online group, StopAntisemitism on X.com.  “Why are you taking down pictures of missing children,” a person in the video repeatedly asks Ruiz.
On Tuesday, however, Fox News reported that Ruiz has tendered her resignation and a representative for the New York County Defender Services confirmed this matter to the news outlet. In a statement to Fox News Digital, the New York County Defender Services said that Ruiz resigned “effective immediately.”

Ruiz, however, is just one of a rapidly increasing number of people who have displayed their disdain for the plight of the hostages who have now been in captivity for over a month. The other photos presented here are just some of the people that have been tearing down the hostage posters and it is noteworthy to remember that these people are the ones who have been caught by camera in the act of doing so. There are many more who have replicated this reprehensible act but have not been photographed doing so.
The plight of the 240 hostages will not be forgotten nor dismissed by supporters of Israel and others who are deeply concerned about human rights. For each poster torn down, another 50 will take their place as efforts continue to secure their release from the clutches of the Hamas miscreants.

At this juncture, we are asking for the public’s assistance in identifying those in these photos who committed acts of vandalism by tearing down these posters.

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