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Confronting Abbas’ Virulent Anti-Semitism

Dear Editor:

The Wall Street Journal editorial (“’Even Hitler,’ Says Palestinian President,” Sept. 7, 2023) is right to note the virulent anti-Semitism of Mahmoud Abbas, who heads both the Palestinian Authority and the Fatah movement. For decades, Abbas has spewed antisemitic propaganda. So has the Palestinian Authority, whose official media and educational arms actively promote anti-Jewish violence.

These actions violate both the terms and spirit of the Oslo Accords, which birthed the PA in the hopes that it would be a “partner for peace.” But they are far from the only violations.

The PA has failed to prevent the rise of terrorist groups under the areas that it controls. Indeed, not only has Fatah praised recent terrorist attacks, elements of Fatah, notably the al-Aqsa Martyrs Brigade, have perpetrated them.

Members of the PA’s Security Forces, trained and backed by the United States, have also carried out attacks throughout the years. This too is a violation of Oslo, in which Palestinian leaders promised to renounce terrorism and to resolve outstanding issues with Israel in bilateral negotiations. They have failed to do so. Yet, instead of meeting with consequences, these transgressions have been overlooked by multiple U.S. administrations, including the current one.

The PA isn’t a peace partner. Three decades after its creation, it is time to stop pretending like it wants to be one.

Sean Durns
Committee for Accuracy in Middle East Reporting and Analysis

Washington D.C.


LGBTQ Group Attacks Rice U’s Jewish Community

Dear Editor:

The Hillel and the Jewish community at Rice University have long been staunch advocates and allies for the LGBTQ community, demonstrating their unwavering support and commitment to diversity and inclusion. It is disgraceful that an LGBTQ community that has struggled to free its members from being dehumanized and marginalized has chosen to marginalize and dehumanize the entire Rice Jewish community because of its relationship with Israel.

It is important to note that Israel is the only country in its region that in fact has rights for its LGBTQ community and where members of the community can live their lives openly and proudly.

Apparently, because the Hillel recognizes Israel, as the only Jewish state in the world, this “legitimization” of Israel’s right to exist makes certain Palestinian students in the LGBTQ club uncomfortable. No one even asked how gay Jewish students felt about their experience on campus nor was anyone concerned with the support they deserve to have.

It is further important to note that neither the Dean of the school nor any elected officials near the school have condemned the hateful anti-Jewish actions of the Rice University LGBTQ community.

To parents: We understand that choosing the right university for your kids can be a daunting task and a very important decision. That’s why we’re suggesting, in all good faith, that you make an informed decision and ensure your kids’ sense of security, safety, and future success. We strongly advise you to consider other options and explore universities that align with your values and goals.

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County (HMTC) remains committed to promoting the values of tolerance, acceptance, and inclusivity. We encourage dialogue and engagement among all communities. However, as much as we want communities to work together we cannot turn a blind eye to Jewish hate, which is what this is.

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County


Oberlin College & Nazi Looted Art

Dear Editor:

For nearly two decades, Oberlin College has been fighting the heirs of a Jewish art collector who died in Dachau in 1941. This is in contrast to the college’s repatriation of an item of Native American craft returned to the Nez Perce tribe in 2002. Are items stolen from Jews during the Holocaust less worthy of return than items obtained from Native American tribes?

Now, the Manhattan D.A. has issued a criminal seizure warrant for ‘Girl With Black Hair’ in the possession of Oberlin College’s Allen Museum.

William Jacobson, Professor at Cornell Law School and Founder of Legal Insurrection and the Equal Protection Project (EqualProtect.org), has been covering Oberlin and this story closely. He comments:

“One can’t help but wonder if the anti-Israel hysteria and hyper-focus on racial politics that has permeated the Oberlin College campus for decades has played at least a subconscious role in treating Jewish Holocaust victims worse than Native Americans. The Critical Race Theory view that Jews are white oppressors appears to have rubbed off onto how Oberlin College applies ethics and morality when it comes to repatriation of art.”

“It is shocking that Oberlin College has been fighting for over 17 years to avoid returning a drawing stolen by the Nazis from a Jewish Holocaust victim. Oberlin College was quick to return a craft bag to a Native American tribe, but treats Jewish Holocaust victims differently.”

“Oberlin College repeatedly professes its commitment to social justice, but that social justice apparently doesn’t include repatriation of a stolen drawing to the heirs of the rightful owner, who was forced to give up possession while interned at a Nazi concentration camp, at which he later died.”

“Even if Oberlin College had a viable legal claim to hold onto the stolen painting, why would it want to? Why would any ethical museum or college fight for 17 years to hold onto stolen property, particularly property stolen by the Nazis during the Holocaust as part of its confiscation of Jewish property? Oberlin College needs to get its ethical standards straightened out.”

Samuel Catsrofsky

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