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What is the “Woke” War on the  US & Israel About??

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Today in America, the ruling progressive Democrats and a few MAGA-opposing Republicans have joined together to fight a cultural war against the majority of the American people. Similarly, in Israel, the majority-elected coalition of the Likud government is fighting the noisy progressive-Left minority opposition.

These two cultural wars are, in many ways, traditional Left-Right conflicts. The Left traditionally operates in conjunction with large corporations, and the Right traditionally wants more power in the hands of individuals, small businesses, and smaller corporations.

The differences between the Right and the Left have grown exponentially over the past two decades. Why?

We have identified numerous reasons:

1) The growth of the U.S. Federal government over the past three decades has made vast amounts of money available to whomever controls the government.2) These enormous amounts of money, aided by comparable borrowing capacity, allow governments to provide extra benefits to selected special interest groups, buying their allegiance as voting blocks.

3) The Left controls most new communication technologies, using legacy and social media to influence the public and advance their progressive Left ideology.

4) The new communication technologies are also used to suppress the opposition’s freedom of speech, partially silencing their voices and slandering opponents with falsehoods, creating confusion, and dividing society.

5) The Left in Israel and the U.S. have corrupted and weaponized the Justice Departments to “legally” attack their opponents with false charges, requiring the opposition to spend vast amounts of time and money on self-defense. These attacks further weaken the public’s trust in the legal system.

6) Foreign governments often interfere in the internal affairs of democracies in ways that are not obvious to the average voters. The infamous Soviet KGB (“Committee for State Security”), now known as FSB (“Federal Security Service of the Russian Federation”), has been using “active measures” to undermine American society for the last 90 years. In the past two decades, they were joined by the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) and the Muslim Brotherhood, mainly financed by Qatar and Turkey. In turn, the US has, especially during Democrat-run administrations (Clinton, Obama, Biden), interfered in Israeli domestic affairs promoting the Left’s radical, socialist agenda.

7) The progressive Left actively seeks to undermine the cultural pillars of society, re-writing history, undermining the family, replacing education with propaganda, assigning gender identity, and denying faith and G-d. It has corrupted the language to reverse reality, and bullied the citizens into accepting nonsensical, harmful ideas. The progressive Left leadership employs Antisemitic and anti-Christian slogans and policies. Law and order are snubbed in favor of deviant and criminal behavior, which are not only tolerated, but often encouraged and rewarded, creating chaos, confusion, and fear.

8) The Progressive-Left and neo-communist forces are assisted by international organizations such as the UN and the World Economic Forum (WEF), as well as global social media companies. They work together to multiple the voices of the “cancel culture” to impose economic boycotts and impose conformity of thought, which together muffle the voices of free expression and the free-market Center and Right.

9) The Left has created intimidating shock troops, such as Antifa, BLM, and increasingly organized-theft and looting gangs to further intimidate the population.

10) Over the past 50 years,  academic institutions, and teacher’s colleges, have been infiltrated by the Left. They used Federal and State funding to indoctrinate and train future generations of progressive-Left and neo- socialists and communists, who, as adults have been voting for the Democrat Party. They oppose the Constitution and the Bill of Rights, and Capitalism. They no longer believe that all people have been endowed by the Creator with the rights of Life, Liberty, and the pursuit of Happiness. Instead, these elitists think that they have the right to decide for the people, who, as Hillary Clinton infamously said, are “deplorable.”

Regarding Israel, US progressive Left Presidents Clinton, Obama and Biden have increased their meddling in Israeli domestic affairs, encouraging and funding chaos, and jeopardizing the country’s national security, while also damaging U.S. interests in the region. The appointment of Obama’s former treasury secretary and loud Israel and Netanyahu critic, Jack Lew, as Ambassador to Israel, is but the most recent example.

The forces of the corrupt, progressive Left in Western democracies represent only some 10% of the population. But they are trying to undermine democratic systems everywhere. Like dictatorships, they continuously attack and never compromise. Unfortunately, the Right (Center and Conservative) is on the defense, ready to compromise, and makes critical decisions only in times of crisis.

American and Israeli democracies are in crisis. Now is the time for  “We the People” to speak-up and get-up, and vote!

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