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Unfreezing Assets to Iran Spells Disaster on the World Stage

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America’s involvement in global affairs demonstrates the vast influence of a nation. Such an influence exists when countries build and maintain an image of global respect. Military might tends to portray a powerful image, but simply showing off military might demonstrates a pursuit of short-term focuses like strongarming tactics while negating long-term tactical and complex strategies. Building up a nation’s image to the world requires foresight, patience, and a government’s core fulfillment of domestic needs being up to par.

Despite America having its share of enemies, the security of the nation historically has been intact due to tactical build-ups on a multi-pronged front. Nevertheless, historical trends in America haven’t and don’t always predict the future, as the makeup of a republican government is itself constantly changing. The power of the United States during eras of economic stability, domestic and international peace, and component leadership has created limitless opportunities thus promoting the interests of Americans. The domestic successes or failures of a country like the United States portray to other powers the dynamics of the situation; therefore, the need for America to be understood by hostile powers as a respectable and strong power is vital for the national security of America.

A few weeks ago, the United States engaged in a prisoner exchange deal with Iran. In recent days, Secretary of State Anthony Blinken signed off on the deal which releases five American prisoners in exchange for five Iranian prisoners and $6 billion in “humanitarian aid” to Iran. The precedent set with this deal, however, has left a stain of weakness on the United State’s global image to hostile powers seeking out opportunities to deter America. America’s surrender to a deal with a hostile power receiving the better end of that deal says to the world that unjust imprisonment of our citizens will result in prize cash for them.

Without a doubt, diplomatic solutions are preferable to military ones, but the implications of signing off on deals that heighten the threat to American citizens instead lead to damage to America’s reputation as a sovereign respectable government that doesn’t negotiate with terrorists. Dealing out $6 billion in aid designated for “humanitarian purposes” to a state-sponsor of terror like Iran seems illogical and idiotic! Though rational-minded individuals would infer the obvious, the clear disconnect between the Biden administration’s policies and the guidebook directing one’s rational decisions usually referred to as “logic” is amazingly distant.

One could only conclude if assuming that the administration is still operating under “logic”, that deals like the one described are done with purposeful intent. The only alternative otherwise is to say that the administration has surrendered to illogical reasoning, which however is tenable. Irrespective of the specific intentions of the Biden administration, the consequences of the foreign policy deals handing over victories to hostile powers, have emboldened America’s enemies and are a betrayal to the actual citizens of the United States.

This prisoner exchange deal is one of many horrendous foreign and domestic policy decisions of this administration. On top of this deal, one could add to the list the failed Afghanistan exit of 2021, the opening of the southern border to all illegal aliens, the decision to isolate Russia, thus aligning it with the global superpower of China, etc. Joe Biden’s actions, which have allowed America to be degraded in the eyes of its enemies, have created a sense of danger. Since Joe Biden took office the possibility of nuclear war has increased, the first war in Europe since WW2 has broken out, and the increasing threat of China continues to grow. Joe Biden might be a political figure who truthfully doesn’t control everything that occurs in the country or the world, however his role in leading America down a hole of embarrassment from bad policy to literally sleeping on the world stage, leaves a heightened taste of opportunity in the mouths, not of Americans, but her enemies.

The role of the United States in global affairs is complex and deserves its own time for debate and discussion. However, the need that all sides can agree on is the stature that America is viewed on by other world powers. While we can disagree on the extent to which America intervenes in world affairs, the necessary promotion of America’s national defense and security through empowering America’s image through effective and tough policy against our enemies is a prerequisite that currently is lacking in Joe Biden’s America.

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