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Migrants Sleeping on Floor of NYC’s Roosevelt Hotel; Situation Spirals into Oblivion

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By: Jared Evan

Numerous illegal migrants have found themselves sleeping on the floor of an old bar within New York City’s Roosevelt Hotel shelter for an extended period, coinciding with the first round of asylum seekers being compelled to vacate city shelter facilities due to a new stay-limit rule, NY Post reported in an exclusive report.

Photographs published by The Post depict illegal aliens sprawled outside by side in the former Vander Bar of the iconic Roosevelt Hotel, located in Midtown Manhattan. Nearly a dozen other migrants were seen sleeping upright in chairs or hunched over their limited possessions as they tried to get some rest. According to an anonymous shelter worker, the duration of their stay in this condition can vary, ranging from hours to, in some cases, days. The Vander Bar is where single adult migrants are processed, and the length of their stay depends on their individual circumstances.

This situation unfolded as the eviction deadline passed for the initial group of 13,000 single adult migrants who had been residing in city shelters for the past 60 days. It remains unclear how many migrants were affected by this weekend’s shelter evictions, with a City Hall representative indicating that “a few dozen” asylum seekers may have been impacted.

Under the new rule, single adult migrants who reach their two-month limit must return to the city’s primary intake center at the Roosevelt Hotel to reapply for a new shelter bed. They are still entitled to housing under the city’s “Right to Shelter” law.

However, the revised arrangement only provides them with 30 days before they must reapply again if necessary, as Mayor Eric Adams reduced the previous 60-day stay limit to 30 days to discourage migrants from overburdening the system.

It is unclear whether the majority of the illegals seen sleeping on the floor of the former Roosevelt bar were recently evicted from other shelters over the weekend or if they were newly arrived migrants awaiting processing for the first time. One recently arrived asylum seeker from Venezuela, Martin Cordero, expressed uncertainty about what lies ahead and mentioned that he didn’t have anyone to pick him up in the city.

Another Venezuelan illegal migrant, identified as Daniel, also spent the night in a chair after arriving at the hotel shelter. He expressed uncertainty about their future and how long they would stay in this temporary arrangement, NY Post reported

By mid-morning, additional adult migrants were brought into the already crowded area to await processing. A City Hall representative clarified that there are no overnight stays in the lobby but acknowledged that migrants are provided a comfortable place to rest for a few hours while awaiting placement.

The city currently houses nearly 60,000 asylum seekers across more than 200 shelter sites. New York’s “Right to Shelter” mandate guarantees shelter to those in need, but the Adams administration is challenging this rule in state Supreme Court, arguing that it must turn some individuals away due to resource constraints stemming from the influx of over 113,000 asylum seekers since spring 2022.

Joe Biden’s border policies are destroying America, thousands a day are pouring over, the border agents are forced to do nothing. Blue cities are being shipped thousands of illegals from all corners of the globe not only by Governor Abbot of Texas, but by the Biden administration itself.

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