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Mayor Adams, Police Commish Initiated As “Master Free Masons” at Secret Ceremony

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By:  Hal C Clarke

Mayor Eric Adams and City Police Commissioner Edward Caban were quietly initiated as Master Masons during a secret ceremony held at Gracie Mansion, an event that was not included in the mayor’s public schedule. The Prince Hall Masonic Temple, also known as African American Freemasonry, shared photos of the ceremony on its Facebook page, marking a historic gathering of Grand Lodge officers and Brothers at Gracie Mansion for the first time, NY Post discovered

During the ceremony, NYPD Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey was also “raised” to the rank of Master Mason. The Prince Hall Masonic Lodge has several connections to the NYPD, including Kevin Wardally, who heads the NYPD’s office of intergovernmental affairs and serves as a grand junior warden in the lodge. Additionally, the NYPD Square Club is a recognized Masonic organization, with Mayor Eric Adams having a previous career as a retired NYPD captain.

The Freemason induction ceremony resulted in Mayor Eric Adams, Police Commissioner Edward Caban, and Chief of the Department Jeffrey Maddrey all attaining the status of Master Masons, as announced on the Prince Hall Masonic Temple’s Facebook page. Other notable individuals who received this honor included Assemblyman Gary Pretlow and Tony Hebert, who works in the mayor’s office of community affairs.

Freemasonry, the world’s oldest male fraternal organization, has counted famous members throughout history, including George Washington, Benjamin Franklin, Theodore Roosevelt, Franklin Roosevelt, Harry Truman, and many others.

The Prince Hall Masonic Temple also boasts a roster of famous members, including Andrew Young, “Count” Basie, W.E.B. DuBois, Rev. Jesse Jackson, Supreme Court Justice Thurgood Marshall, and others.

Becoming a Freemason involves simple requirements: being at least 18 years old and believing in a Supreme Being, without specifying any religious denomination. However, the Catholic Church explicitly prohibits its members from joining Freemasonry, considering it a “grave sin.”

Notably, there are also two female-only Mason Grand Lodges: The Order of Women Freemasons and HFAF – Freemasonry for Women.

The induction ceremony at Gracie Mansion came to public attention through a report by, shedding light on this secretive event within the Freemason community.

The history of the Freemasons is a tapestry woven with secrecy, symbolism, and intrigue. This fraternal organization, often referred to simply as the Masons, boasts a heritage that spans centuries and continues to capture the imagination of people worldwide.

The origins of the Freemasons are shrouded in mystery, with many theories and legends surrounding their beginnings. The earliest documented references to Freemasonry date back to the late 16th and early 17th centuries in Scotland and England. It is believed that these early Masons were associated with the stonemasons’ guilds, who were responsible for constructing cathedrals and other significant buildings. These operative Masons formed secret societies with rituals and codes of conduct to protect their trade secrets and promote mutual support.

However, the transition from operative to speculative Masonry marked a pivotal moment in Masonic history. In the late 17th century, non-stonemasons or “speculative” members began to join Masonic lodges, drawn by the organization’s moral and philosophical teachings. This transition led to the development of modern Freemasonry as we know it today, emphasizing personal development, brotherhood, and charitable endeavors.

One of the seminal moments in Masonic history occurred with the formation of the Grand Lodge of England in 1717.

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