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Claims that the ADL is a “Sham”

Dear Editor,

Elon Musk has a point about the ADL crying antisemitism every time it wants to discredit anyone who even smells like a conservative. The ADL is a leftist political tool, and who can deny how great it feels to finally watch them eat what they serve?

Social media pundits are calling for them to be banned and canceled — a punishment the ADL has frequently demanded for those they oppose, including Musk, who claims the ADL has unjustly lured advertisers away from X and its precursor by screaming antisemitism.

But there is an interesting dichotomy at work here. Despite the ADL being a sad and useless shadow of its former self, many celebrating its current dilemma are …. well … real antisemites.

It’s a bit of a conundrum, not only for the ADL but also proud American Jews who have been calling out the ADL’s hypocrisies for years. Why are we focused just on the ADL? What about the other, larger groups such as the NAACP, the Southern Poverty Law Center, the ACLU and all the other rights-groups-turned-authoritarians? We’re not seeing #BanNAACP on here. No widespread calls to cancel SPLC.

Let’s be honest. The ADL is a sham. Sure, Jewish people lead the organization and congratulate each other every time they expose a swastika carved in a public toilet stall. It’s just more evidence, they say, that America is steeped in white supremacy and should be replaced by a Marxist Utopia. But the ADL is nowhere to be found when fellow Jews, especially those who support Israel, are beaten in the streets of New York by people who are inconveniently not white men.

The problem with the current make up of the ADL is that they completely fail to acknowledge, let alone call out the virulent antisemitism infecting the American left and their progressive lap dogs. The slurs spewed daily by the Boycott, Divest and Sanction cronies would make a Klansman blush.

But, as the ADL is now left to twist in the wind a bit, those of us who truly believe in free speech in this nation should not join them in their hypocrisy by ignoring the underlying stench of antisemitism helping to fuel the legitimate criticism the ADL so richly deserves.

Justine Brooke Murray
Policy Chair, New York Young Republican Club
Turning Point USA Ambassador
PragerU Ambassador


Commends US Open Player Alexander Zverev

Dear Editor:

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County (HMTC) commends tennis player Alexander Zverev for his courageous and upstanding reaction during the U.S. Open in Forest Hills this past week during his match against Jannik Sinner. When a fan made a pro-Hitler remark, Zverev immediately reacted in a responsible and upstanding way. The fan was singing a line out of Hitler’s national anthem, ‘Deutschland über alles’, translated as ‘Germans are a superior race.’ Following the Allied victory in World War II, the song was banned.

Zverev immediately demanded that the fan be removed from the stands, stating that such behavior was unacceptable. The fan was ejected from the stadium, and Zverev went on to triumph over Sinner.

His swift and decisive action sends a powerful message that hate speech and bigotry have no place in our society. HMTC stands in solidarity with Zverev and all upstanders who refuse to tolerate such intolerant behavior. We must continue to speak out against all forms of hate speech and bigotry and hold those who perpetrate it accountable. Let this be a reminder that we must all do our part to promote respect, kindness, and inclusivity in everything we do.

The Holocaust Memorial and Tolerance Center of Nassau County (HMTC)


US Aid to Israel & Criticism of Vivek Ramaswamy

Dear Editor:

Vivek Ramaswamy, the candidate for the Republican Party presidential nomination, is a newcomer who was not widely known outside the biotech industry just a few months ago. He is now ranked in second place in many polls and his views of Israel carry weight.

Ramaswamy’s recent statements about Israel generated headlines and he has been receiving tremendous backlash for these ideas. He promised to cut aid to Israel and this stunned the world as he is one of the first major American politicians on the right to make such a promise since Pat Buchanan in the 1990s.

But there’s much more to what he said and this is what sets Ramaswamy apart from true critics of Israel. Ramaswamy promised to cut aid to Israel because he claimed that during his presidency he will create such prosperity for Israel that aid to it will not be beneficial to America let alone Israel.

But surely you did not hear about this aspect of his remarks, because Ramaswamy’s ideas don’t fit the narrative. His fellow candidate Nikki Hailey certainly didn’t tell you this, because she wants to beat Vivek and cares more about her own aspirations than having an honest discussion about aid.

Ramaswamy promises to create what he has called the “Abraham Accords 2.0.” He has referred to the Abraham Accords as one of history’s greatest diplomatic accomplishments by an American president and a large step towards a comprehensive peace in the Middle East.

His “Abraham Accords 2.0” plan is focused on expanding peaceful relations for Israel with other Middle Eastern countries, so in essence it is simply a continuation of the Abraham Accords.

However, the very idea that all Arab nations will ever want to live peacefully with Israel is a very large leap, especially for those like Ramaswamy that know very little about the Middle East and Islamic antisemitism.

Nevertheless, if anyone can actually pull off a sea change in the nature of Israel’s relationships with its neighbors, it could be Ramaswamy. He is not a critic of Israel, if anything he is one of its greatest supporters running for president, albeit perhaps unwittingly.

It should be obvious to all supporters of Israel that the goal for every U.S. president should be to support Israel to the point it does not need any American aid whatsoever. Throwing American money at Israel is not a long-term answer for either nation.

America can do more for Israel through fostering better relations with Israel and other nations —inside of, and outside of, the Middle East— than just supporting it with its billions. After all, too many American politicians have used this aid as a leverage to force Israel into making diplomatic, territorial, security, and other concessions that the Jewish State should have never made. Removing this leverage is what is best for Israel.

Joe Ben Malin

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