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The Israeli Supreme Court Fuels Terrorism with “Reasonableness” Standard

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The Israeli Supreme Court Fuels Terrorism with “Reasonableness” Standard

The case for why judicial reform measures in Israel must be implemented

The Shin Bet man entered prison cell of the terrorist who murdered the kindergarten teacher, Bat Sheva Negri, earlier with week, holding a laptop computer.  Negri was shot 25 times in front of her child.

The happy terrorist smiled at him and said to the Shin Bet man: What gifts did you bring me?

The Shin Bet man answered him: Yes, how did you know? Open the computer, there is Play. In the video there was an IDF force raiding the house of the terrorist’s parents in Hebron and the officer in the video informs his family that they have 10 minutes to pack. The terrorist asks: What is this?!  The Shin Bet man answers him: Patience, watch this until the end.

The terrorist watches his parents, siblings, wife and children being blindfolded and loaded into vehicles with all their possessions in garbage bags. The terrorist who watches this starts shouting and cursing and said to him: What is this?? You must not do that! Isn’t it nice that you take them.

The Shin Bet man shows the terrorist a document and says to him: Do you know what it is? It’s a deportation order for your family by the Minister of Defense, and now your family is moving to their new home in Syria and you sent them there, just as you sent Bat Sheva’s family into a world of suffering. Now your family will suffer all their lives.

The terrorist sits in shock, cries and the Shin Bet man says to him: What happened? You’re not smiling anymore. The terrorist shouts: You’re not like that! You don’t do things like that! You’re a moral army!

So the Shin Bet man says to him: True, and that’s why we’re moral. So don’t worry, we won’t let you suffer much and then proceeds to show him another document. The terrorist laughs and says to him: Are you threatening me? You don’t have a law of death, you have given up!

The Shin Bet man says: True, there is no death law and there probably won’t be. This is a document that says that from this day forward and until the day you die you will live alone in solitary confinement in a dungeon. You will have at least 50 years to think alone about what you did and what your family is going through in Syria.

He continues by telling the terrorist, now you’re not a martyr, you’re not a hero, you’re nothing. Did you want to be a martyr? It won’t happen. Did you want virgins? We’ll arrange 72 rats and cockroaches for you because that’s the only thing you’ll have because the death penalty is too good for a moron like you.

I wrote this imaginary story six years ago, but in our country (Israel) they don’t fix anything except the name of the victims.

What this story doesn’t make real is the law of probability and for those who don’t understand.

Deport families of terrorists now!!!!

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