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Review: “The Soros Agenda” by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfel

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Review: “The Soros Agenda” by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld

 By: Kenneth Abramowitz

This remarkable book on “The Soros Agenda” by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld focuses on the challenges emanating from the Globalists/progressive cabal. Globalists strive for a World government managed by “experts” and deep thinkers who could solve the world’s problems, supposedly to everybody’s benefit. Globalists do not believe in or respect sovereign nations, claiming such views are too self-centered and provincial. Globalists also do not respect religions. Instead, they work to create “universal” laws that would serve to replace God and themselves as the Lords of the universe.

In The Soros Agenda, Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld cites George Soros regarding himself as a “great philosopher” who seeks a “global open society” as the new world order.” He believes in Globalism, which of course, undermines the “now unnecessary national sovereignty of countries,” and notably opposes American supremacy. While he is one of the most vocal and best-known supporters of Globalism, he is not unique in his views. Many other prominent believers in Globalism exist, such as the UN, the World Economic Forum, major media and social media, and other international organizations and business conglomerates promoting it.

Here are just a few highlights of Dr. Ehrenfeld this thoroughly documented book, The Soros’s Agenda:

1) Undermining the rule of law and the economy by the legalization of drugs (starting with but not limited to marijuana), causing damages to the physical and psychological health of the citizenry.

2) Financing the elections of District Attorneys (DAs) that are soft on crime and often even favor the rights of criminals, further undermining the rule of law.

3) Supporting open borders, claiming sovereignty is an “anachronistic concept.”

4 )Supporting anti-Israel, anti-Zionist policies, denying Israel the right to exist as the Jewish State. Soros also accused Israel of triggering Arabs’ terrorism against it and claimed Israel does not have the right to employ preemptive actions to defend itself.

5) Soros used his money to mold society in his vision through large and small think tanks, funding universities worldwide to indoctrinate millions of students to his views. And he was the most significant contributor to the Democrat party and the Biden Administration.

6) Soros mastered using Orwellian speech, cultural warfare, and disinformation techniques to undermine duly elected governments on every continent.

As Dr. Ehrenfeld deftly demonstrates, George Soros likens himself to G-D. Yet,  his “open society” represents the same Globalist ideas shared by the many adversaries of individual freedom and democracy.

The nuanced and comprehensive analysis of The Soros Agenda makes this book a must-read for everyone interested in the Globalists’ threat.

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