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Letters to the Editor

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Tired of Memorials

Dear Editor:

The far right Neo Nazi mob, while still marginal, is becoming less fearful, bolder and stronger than ever on social media. We have the left’s anti-Israel smears and “Palestinian” Islamic Arab mob’s poisoning our universities and schools with Big Lies. Add to this toxic mix, a growing number of very visible Jews signing up for Israel bashing.

“UNC Professor Jarrod Tanny threw down the gauntlet to his academic colleagues in Jewish Studies programs: “You have betrayed your community, you have betrayed your students, and you have made a mockery of our field in the academe, because there exists no other field that is so disdainful of the community it studies,” he wrote in an op-ed at the Times of Israel.” (CAMERA Education Institute, September 5th at 1PM,  Education Webinar Lecture Series).

“While left-wing antisemitism has existed in France for many years, its mainstreaming is a source of deep concern in the French Jewish community…“Brazen expressions of anti-Zionism and hostility towards the State of Israel that spill over into antisemitism…” https://www.algemeiner.com/2023/08/08/new-adl-report-shows-antisemitism-widespread-on-european-left/

“A farmers market, Overland Park, Kansas  has ejected a vendor for posting violently antisemitic content…“Remember to save 14.88% on orders with code: GasThejews,”…posts image of “Zyklon B”- the poisonous gas used by the Nazis to exterminate concentration camp inmates…”

I called for all Jews to carry items for self defense in my printed letters, 2014, “Arming all Jews,” “The Jewish News of Greater Phoenix, “ and 2021, “Arming All Jews Worldwide”, “The Jewish Voice.”  No one can attack us again without consequences to themselves.

We are all literally sick to death of attending memorials for murdered Jews.  I’d prefer to see every Jew, young and old, of every denomination, attend classes with (Israeli taught) techniques for disabling, not only a shooter, but anyone who attacks you because you are a Jew.  All Jews should carry weapons for self defense, be it a knife, pepper spray, or a licensed firearm and develop confidence using it.  Let’s not wait for the next memorial.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Honoring John McCain’s Legacy

Dear Editor:

The late Republican Arizona Senator and Presidential candidate John McCain born on August 29, 1936 was always a breath of fresh air.  What you see is what you got with the “Straight Talk Express.”  He could work across the aisle with Democratic Senate colleagues, including Connecticut Senator Joseph Lieberman and others on a regular bipartisan basis.  This also included Massachusetts Senator Edward Kennedy on comprehensive immigration reform and Wisconsin Senator Russ Feingold on campaign finance reform.  His history in the Senate harkens back to an age of collegiality no longer seen today.  McCain like New York’s late Senator Daniel Patrick Moynihan, was an intellectual giant standing head and shoulders above today’s newer generation of Senators.

In our era of highly partisan politics, let’s hope that Congress members from different parties on the fifth anniversary of his passing on August 26, 2018 can honor McCain’s memory. Will we ever move beyond rigid ideological commitments and come together on behalf of all Americans?  McCain a role models others should be emulating.  With his death, Diogenes is still searching for an honest politician.

Larry Penner
Great Neck, New York


Lessons Learned from
Yevgeny Prigozhin’s Death

Dear Editor:

The leader of the Russian mercenary Wagner Group, whose private army recently launched a short but notable insurrection against his nation and Putin, was “taken out” after being considered a threat to the sitting rulers in Moscow. A simple, typical solution among totalitarian-led governments. The downing of the plane carrying the perceived Russian enemy of Putin, Yevgeny Prigozhin, should cause Americans to start worrying that a similar Communist/terrorist type political solution may be in the planning stage for our nation.

All indications are that the Democrats dictating to the Dummy in the White House are nearing the end of their futile attempts to remove Donald Trump as a 2024 presidential candidate. All previous “legal” efforts, going back as far as 7 years ago, have failed miserably. “Russian collusion, leaking nuclear secrets to our enemies,” “sexual assault 30+ years ago,” “income tax evasion,” blah, blah, blah. And Trump is still standing strong.

More so after the sad spectacle of the Republican debate last night, strengthening him still further. All of these missed punts and strike outs at the plate must be giving top Dems doody-fits. And today, he’s going to be arraigned on charges of federal election meddling, racketeering and G-d knows what else, all orchestrated by Fani Willis, a Soros backed, affirmative action county prosecutor with a family history of heavy Black Panther involvement. You can’t make this up.

We’re going through a period in the history of our nation that we’ve never encountered previously. The Obama years saw the implosion of rules of law. Violence in the streets were encouraged by the Progressives. The Constitution was ignored by the lower courts. We’re now in the throes of doubt and uncertainty, a total breakdown of law and order. A perfect time to use this intentional confusion and manufactured political discontent to finally put the nail in the coffin of democracy by any means necessary to achieve a Stalin-Putin-Castro-Xi like government.

May G-d watch over and see to it that Donald Trump does not meet a similar fate as Yevgeny Prigozhin and other victims of political terror. In addition to speaking out and voting for our continued democracy, start to pray. Can’t hurt!!!

Alan Bergstein


The Things that NY Dems Get Away With 

Dear Editor:

As someone very active in the NY Jewish community, I read with interest about 27th NYS Assembly Republican candidate David Hirsch. A few items of note:

The New York obsession with Democrats while so much accelerating damage on all fronts can be laid at one-party’s doorstep is beyond all rationality. Rosenthal, I remind the public, is now employed by a prominent 501c-3: UJA-Federation. As such, he has no business politicking / lobbying labor unions for ANY candidate, least of all another Democrat.

 Jeffrey S. Wiesenfeld
 Great Neck, NY

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