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Letters to the Editor

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The Aliens Came…and Went

Dear Editor:

Lately we hear about Alien sightings and even landings. Here is the real deal.  Aliens first came during the Spanish Inquisition’s religious torture of Jews, left in disgust, told each other they’d return when humans began acting more like humans. They returned during the Holocaust, only to be even more horrified, while they watched the world watch and refuse refuge, participated in mass shootings and rounded up Jews into gas chambers. They vowed never to return.

But politics being politics, by only one vote from an Alien Progressive, they did return. This time they saw Islamic State (ISIS), rape and behead; post Israel’s 2014’s defensive Operation Protective Edge, heard Europe’s Muslim crowds chant, “Jews to the gas; Hitler should have finished the job”; Jewish institutions placed under armed guard because of Islamic terrorist attacks.

In 2023, they hovered while mainstream media and American universities turn terrorists into victims, https://thejewishvoice.com/2023/08/mainstream-media-on-campaign-to-glorify-terrorists,  ignore the so-called “Palestinian” Arabs’ use of civilians as human shields, ignore the Jew hate speech, for all to hear, on Palestinian Media Watch, ignore peace offers extended by Israel,  ignore the Islamic Republic of Iran’s and Hamas’ threats to kill Jews, largely ignore Islamic Taliban’s using women like cattle, ignore Somalia’s and world wide butchery of female genital mutilation, ignore facts in favor of issuing disproportionate, relentless, false accusations only on Israel.

And so they left at warp speed, concluding there is little hope for humans whose history shows a pattern of sadistic dictators, repeated wars, and because they need a bogeyman to blame for woes of their own making again going after the Jews, using Big Lies to persecute and malign the Jewish State,  while allowing true oppressors to become false victims.

The Aliens are gone for good but should they ever come back, I will be the first to volunteer to climb aboard. It can’t be any worse than to hang around here, only to witness the repeat of our own miserable history…yet again.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Loves the Weekly Parsha 

Dear Editor:

Just wanted to let you folks know how much I enjoy your Torah articles and Jewish feature stories that you present each week. I am not internet savvy so your print edition is the preferred format for me as I sit back in my favorite recliner and read the Jewish Voice.  As someone who used to regularly attend the Torah classes by the late Rebbetzin Esther Jungreis, of blessed memory, on the upper east side of Manhattan, I am beyond thrilled to read her daughter’s parsha articles. Chaya Sora Jungreis-Gertzulin’s explanations of the weekly sedra are, in my opinion, indispensible, for anyone who really wants to comprehend and absorb the eternal lessons that the Torah teaches us.

Speaking of which, in a few short days, we will commemorate the Rebbetzin’s yahrzeit and I think the greatest tribute to her memory is to continue presenting her teachings through the pen of her daughters and sons. This wonderful Rebbetzin is sorely missed by all who had the distinct honor of knowing her and imbibing the wisdom she shared.

Irwin Siegelberg
Brooklyn, NY


Addressing the Progressive Cabal

Dear Editor:

This remarkable book on “The Soros Agenda” by Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld focuses on the challenges emanating from the Globalists/progressive cabal. Globalists strive for a World government managed by “experts” and deep thinkers who could solve the world’s problems, supposedly to everybody’s benefit. Globalists do not believe in or respect sovereign nations, claiming such views are too self-centered and provincial. Globalists also do not respect religions. Instead, they work to create “universal” laws that would serve to replace God and themselves as the Lords of the universe.

In The Soros Agenda, Dr. Rachel Ehrenfeld cites George Soros regarding himself as a “great philosopher” who seeks a “global open society” as the new world order.” He believes in Globalism, which of course, undermines the “now unnecessary national sovereignty of countries,” and notably opposes American supremacy. While he is one of the most vocal and best-known supporters of Globalism, he is not unique in his views. Many other prominent believers in Globalism exist, such as the UN, the World Economic Forum, major media and social media, and other international organizations and business conglomerates promoting it.

Here are just a few highlights of Dr. Ehrenfeld this thoroughly documented book, The Soros’s Agenda:

1) Undermining the rule of law and the economy by the legalization of drugs (starting with but not limited to marijuana), causing damages to the physical and psychological health of the citizenry.

2) Financing the elections of District Attorneys (DAs) that are soft on crime and often even favor the rights of criminals, further undermining the rule of law.

3) Supporting open borders, claiming sovereignty is an “anachronistic concept.”

4) Supporting anti-Israel, anti-Zionist policies, denying Israel the right to exist as the Jewish State. Soros also accused Israel of triggering Arabs’ terrorism against it and claimed Israel does not have the right to employ preemptive actions to defend itself.

5)  Soros used his money to mold society in his vision through large and small think tanks, funding universities worldwide to indoctrinate millions of students to his views. And he was the most significant contributor to the Democrat party and the Biden Administration.

6)  Soros mastered using Orwellian speech, cultural warfare, and disinformation techniques to undermine duly elected governments on every continent.

Kenneth Abramowitz


Trump’s Latest Indictment

Dear Editor:

Trump has now been indicted for the umpteenth time, harassed and harried for over 6 years without let up. And the republicans have sat on their tuchises doing nothing in response or in retaliation. The radical Leftists, Communists, Progressives, Democrats, using their constitutional powers will run the show for years to come, only to be ended by some sort of revolution or miracle. They are the powerful ones. Look what they have accomplished so far.  The schools as an instance, are now run from K-12 by dumb union members, colleges hire 95% of only progressives and the unions and their job controlling leaders are all Democrats. So how will we ever have a two party system again? Kids will come home from school, pointing their fingers at their parents telling them that: “The teacher told us……. (Take your choice) A. You’re wrong about politics, B. American history, C. Religion!” You name it. Remember Hillary’s old line: “It takes a village.” That’s it.

Richard Harris
Roslyn, NY

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