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Code Pink: Bought & Paid For by the Chinese Communist Party

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The United States of America represents an idea and a people. On the one hand, the founding and continued existence of the United States started with a revolutionary idea of freedom for society. A society whose government would be by and for the people, and a country that would defend and expand the ideals of inherent rights and privileges endowed. However, an idea cannot be defended or maintained just with its simple existence, it must also be instilled within a living cause. That cause is the American people; a free living people who live with the beliefs of a free society. The Americans of today are living examples of what the founding founders yearned for at America’s inception. The American era was so successful that it helped inspire dozens of developments in other countries way of governance and life.

Despite the greatness of the founding and continued existence of America, the threat of foreign influences from countries abroad has historically allowed for clashes. In the 20th century, the clash between the USA and the USSR caused conflict economically, and geopolitically. The clash of opposite visions isn’t fundamentally wrong or dangerous, but the threat of the other side “swallowing up” the ideals and realities of the other could be a danger. The concern about the Communist reality of the USSR infecting and invading American life was therefore concerning to free-loving Americans. The ideological and economic concern was further, a serious threat to the continued existence of the United States as an idea and as a living people. In the 20th century, the United States came out on top, but the outcome of the like-minded battle of the 21st century remains to be seen.

Communist China is a country rich in history. It is so rich with history that the historical contextual comparisons with the United States vary widely. While China’s history dates back to 4,000 years, American history extends a measly 247 years. The ideological realities of the USA and China also extend to opposite extremes. China defends a communist, socialist approach, while the United States advocates for a capitalist, free society. The existence of both of these worlds is part of cultural differences that have existed throughout history.  What isn’t the accepted norm, however, is the major threat that China poses to the idea and the living people of the United States.

The threat of China is not competitive economic policy and initiatives; the threat is the influence of depressive ideas influencing the global order. This is not only to the extent of influencing foreign countries like Brazil, Madagascar, and others but more importantly to the extent of changing America as we know it. This is why the illegal and concerning activities of China including stealing America’s trade secrets, pirating software, counterfeiting goods, spying on Americans, flying spy balloons over US military sites, setting up secretive US-based Chinese government police departments, and supporting the dissemination of Chinese propaganda throughout the United States through political mediums are threats to Americans. The Chinese government and its minions are therefore threatening the ideals and realities that the United States has set up which has allowed for the promotion of people’s freedoms, living standards, economic freedoms, etc.

While the Chinese have the full right to choose their own visions and systems, this should not allow Chinese propaganda to infect American society while being disguised as an American principle. This is relevant as the New York Times found in a recent investigative report that the Chinese Communist Party (CCP) has ideologically infiltrated American leftist organizations. One of the companies found to be influenced by such sources is the non-profit anti-war, far-left Code Pink organization, which was founded in the early 2000s by women who opposed the war in Iraq. While many beliefs of theirs like their anti-war stance might be a positive influence in the American political dialogue, their recent defense and promotion of China is an unacceptable position for the interests of the United States. That is not to say that their right to advocate for China is illegal, it is, however, illegal for them to disguise their cooperation with the CCP.

The Foreign Registration Act of 1938 (FARA) requires those that are associated and thereby advocating on behalf of foreign governments, to register as a foreign agent to the United States government to thereby promote transparency in the public forum. The New York Times has found that a quarter of Code Pink’s funds come from a man named Neville “Roy” Singham. Mr. Singham has previously been supportive of the Chinese regime of CCP Chairman Xi Jinping.  Neville’s association with the CCP includes sharing an office with a Chinese company that’s mission is to spread the CCP’s message and his engagements with Chinese officials about their efforts to spread Chinese influence. The New York Times has revealed unclear financial cooperation between Mr. Singham and the CCP by finding out the number of shell companies and similar financial schemes associated with Mr. Singham.

His organizations have in addition been associated with disseminating Chinese propaganda and censoring criticism against the CCP. The financial dealings with tax-exempted far-left organizations like Code Pink, therefore, raise the question of whether or not their tax-exempt status should be revoked and whether Mr. Singham and his fellow leftists are complicit in CCP lobbying, therefore, violating FARA. The efforts of the Internal Revenue Service (IRS) to instead focus on covering up for Hunter Biden and to focus more on auditing middle and lower-income American families is further proof of the politicization of the government.

And let’s not forget that Code Pink’s agenda has been and continues to be the incessant maligning of Israel and other US allies. Such leaders as Ariel Gold and Medea Benjamin illustrate the burgeoning phenomenon of left wing American Jews who raison d’etre is to support and promote the insidious Boycott, Divestment and Sanctions *(BDS) movement whose objective it is to isolate and ultimately destroy the one and only Jewish state. Using the hackneyed and baseless narrative that erroneously claims that Israel has “occupied” Palestinian land and has oppressed the “so called” Palestinian people to justify their opprobrium against Israel, Code Pink stands out for its outlandish and dangerous tactics.

The Chinese threat of the 21st century is not unique in the face of the USSR threat of the 20th century, but the chances of Americans winning the ideological fight is different now than what it was during the Cold War. America’s simple focus on defending the American way of life helped destroy an alternative communist world power threatening the world order. However, the woke transformation in recent years within the American government has created a threat to America, the idea, and Americans, her people.

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