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Saudi Media: Israel struck secret Iranian unit in Syria

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(A7) Was the Israeli airstrike on Aleppo last month aimed at a secret Iranian unit operating in Syria?

The Saudi Al-Arabiya News claims that the airstrike, which was attributed to Israel in the Syrian city of Aleppo at the beginning of May, disabled the city’s international airport and killed a Syrian soldier, was meant to strike an operation of the Iran Unit 18340.

According to the report, the Iranian unit operates in Syria to manufacture missiles and precision weapons for the Iranian Quds Force.

The secretive unit is a joint Iranian-Syrian venture and includes engineers and commanders from both the Iranian and Syrian militaries who work to create and improve the Syrian military and the Quds Force’s precision missile project.

“Israel struck weapons manufacturing sites in Aleppo belonging to Unit 18340. The unit is commanded by Joad Sulimani and aids the Quds Force in manufacturing and supplying weapons,” the report stated.

At the beginning of May, Syrian media reported an Israeli strike on the Aleppo area. According to the reports, the target was weapons caches belonging to pro-Iranian militias based in the area and including militants from the Shiite militia that were sent from Afghanistan to Syria.

The town of Al-Sfirah was also struck, according to the reports, a Syrian soldier was killed, and several others were injured.

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