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Letters to the Editor

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America is Sliding into a Fascist State

Dear Editor:

I’d always wondered how the “Good” Germans back in 1932 felt as they saw their nation suddenly engulfed by Fascism. Were they frustrated at the exuberant willingness of their neighbors, friends and relatives to throw their democracy under the bus, as Americans are now doing? Were they shocked at the brazen, overt illegality of the Hitler followers’ takeover of their courts, law enforcement and military as is now being completed in America? When the Hitler-led opponents of the Weimar Republic used corruption, violence and threats of violence to remove the liberties of the people, citizens sat back and did nothing. And before they knew it look what happened.

Do you see the same scenario taking place now, here in America, with different actors, different scenarios, but the same creeping strangulation of our freedoms taking place as we stand, apparently helpless, frozen, while totalitarianism shrouds our land? Our leader, this time a childlike, over the hill, but still powerful manipulator, whose cunning, criminal roots go back 53 years during which time he used his offices to enrich his family and himself with fortunes in the tens of millions by selling whatever political powers and authority that his constituents unwittingly gave him with their votes, calms us with his trained, crooked, evil smile.

We see the federal agencies such as the FBI, the Justice department, the IRS, all formerly independent and noted for their strict adherence to the laws of the land, now corrupted and part and parcel of the Democrat Party and their current leadership in the White House. We see how the Biden Crime Family is now above the law. These rules, supposedly universal and equally dispensed for all of us, have openly, for over 45 years of Joe Biden’s terms in elected positions of power, been ignored in order for this criminal team to openly flout them and through the years, permitted “The Family” to sell themselves and this nation off to the highest international bidder, to serve at their behest. They are above the law. At this point, there’s no telling just what national secrets, military or otherwise, have been transferred to both our enemies and our friends.

At this point in time, we must consider that each and every federal agency has been corrupted to keep “The Family” in power. The Biden’s now rule supreme, untouchable by the laws of this land and leaving us all at the mercy of them and their employers which certainly include China, Russia and Ukraine, among others. We are in deep doo and questions arise as to if and when we can ever uncover their criminal actions and make them pay for their criminality. We put them in power and they have now the power over us.

 Henry Shepman
Bronx, NY


Dystopian Crystal Ball

Dear Editor:

In the 1985 movie Brazil, your thoughts and even your dreams are monitored by the Artificial Intelligence of the all powerful State.  Restaurants serve brightly colored puree dishes with tiny umbrellas telling you what it’s supposed to taste like.  As you eat, bombs explode nearby. Waiters simply clean up the debris and usher you to a new table.  A huge TV screen spits out the state’s 24/7 dogma from a robo leader.  Unlikely? Perhaps not.

Today’s woke/diversity/equity/social justice mob has already forcefully institutionalized its mantra in every area of society. Schools, universities, corporations, sports teams, all spout their beliefs. You are a racist, a transphobe, a reactionary and will be marginalized, if you: Say capitalism is not racist; Oscar nominations for Best PIcture should not follow equity’s dogma of having a certain number of “underrepresented racial or ethnic groups”; If you refuse to attend or disagree with your school’s or corporation’s mandated Diversity Training which states Whites and Jewish Whites are oppressors; If you disagree with puberty blockers and transgender surgery for children before they reach age 18; If you say males are inherently biologically stronger than women and should not be competing in women’s sports; If you disagree with defunding police and support our officers.

The American middle and lower socioeconomic classes have become collateral damage in the left’s war on America. Repeat, violent offenders are released to stab you another day. The morally lost ACLU says you can live, defecate, shoot up in public parks and sidewalks, even if they’re adjacent to your home or schools.  Businesses are closing, putting goods behind glass doors because of no-consequence repeat robberies, with consequences reserved only for you.

Brazil ends with the protagonist arrested and deprogrammed via an Artificial Intelligence device. My Crystal Ball tells me the logical conclusion of the direction we’re now heading towards is a dystopia where God and religion are officially declared dead, replaced by the State’s Ministry of Information. And God help you if you…disagree.

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


Educating Ourselves to Reality

Dear Editor,

Why are so many of our people ignorant of what’s happening to us around the world? Why are so many left leaning Jews standing up for those who wish us dead? Look at Israel where PM Netanyahu has fought off the Palestinian threat for years, yet so many of his citizens are itching to remove him from office and replace him with a radical Left leader who would instantly cave in to threats of those who would make Israel disappear? Of course, those opposed to Bibi are supported by our current President Biden and the entire Democrat Party.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar does not get many headlines in the New York Times. They keep her and her plans under wraps. But it’s obvious what her plans are for American Jews and Israel. She wants both to disappear. So why are so many of our people in support of her party? Look at Bernie Sanders, who appears to speak as a Jew yet is as far removed from being one as there is. We have groups such as J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace and Americans for Peace Now, all viciously anti Israel. Yet they consist of Jews leading them.

American Jews must wake up to the hate generated by our own Democrat leaders against us Jews. We must support the likes of former President Trump and Senator Cruz, both non-Jews, but they are the fiercest supporters of our survival. Compare them to the likes of Chuck Schumer, Gerald Nadler and Debbie Schultz, who should be in the forefront of supporting Israel and the survival of American Jewry. But they are not there.  American Jews should wake up and finally decide to move to the right, politically in order to save themselves, their families and prevent another Holocaust. Can the do it? They better! The clock is ticking.

Joseph Hartwich
Long island

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