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Letters to the Editor

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Deep Seated Hatred of Israel in Indonesia

Dear Editor:

The governor of Bali (Indonesia) sure has amazing latitude to discriminate and engage in #antisemitism, both by his country and by at least some international governing organizations.

Last month, I reported that the international soccer federation, FIFA, moved their under-20 world cup tournament away from Indonesia because this country wouldn’t allow the Israeli team to participate: https://lnkd.in/eM5XHihX.   Specifically, Bali Governor Wayan Koster refused to host the Israeli team: https://lnkd.in/eM6MaNr5.

That was clearly the correct decision by the soccer governing body, and after moving the tournament to Argentina, Israel rewarded it fans and FIFA by playing a great brand of soccer, and finishing in third place.

Now we see that the Bali governor is at it again, but this time with more success.

A week before the International Confederation of Midwives (ICM) conference in Indonesia, the director-general and president of the ICM emailed the Israeli association to inform them that, in order not to anger the governor of Bali, the Israeli flag would not be displayed and the name of the Israeli association would not be mentioned in the flag parade at the beginning of the Congress. Instead, the Israeli association would march with the Confederation’s flag.

The director-general wrote that “there is sensitivity in Indonesia regarding the raising of the Israeli flag and the remembrance of the State of Israel,” adding that they heard that “should it be decided to include the Israeli flag and mention Israel in connection with the identity of the Israeli organization, there is a risk that the Congress will be closed and the Israeli delegation will be required to leave Indonesia.”

The director-general added that she was “sure that the Israeli delegation understands that the union will not be able to take this risk and therefore, despite the difficulty involved, the Israeli flag will not be part of the flag parade and the Israeli organization will not be mentioned during the ceremony.”

The ICM was dead wrong, both not to cancel/move the conference, and that the Israeli delegation would understand.

The ICM was afraid to anger the Bali Governor.  Well, he deserves to be angered, and removed from his post.

Instead the conference was held as scheduled, and the Israeli delegation decided not to attend.

It seems that major international sports organizations are correctly sensitive and just in disallowing discrimination. As for smaller industry organizations, there is apparently much less backbone to stand up to discrimination against member organizations.

International organizations, please listen up. Indonesia should be banned from hosting any sort of event unless they guarantee that they will not display discrimination against any member states, especially including Israel.

Ron Machol
Zachor Legal Institute


Diversity Oppression

Dear Editor:

In today’s mandated “diversity trainings” Jews are being told they need to declare and then rate their “white oppressiveness.”  Separating us based on our skin color, be it white or brown or black does not promote understanding. It forces a vile, false, arbitrary victim vs. oppressor paradigm which only pits us against each other.

CA’s “Liberated Ethnic Studies Model Curriculum Consortium:  “critical consciousness” begins by having students develop their “racialized intersectional identity” to determine how their race fits into “systems of power and oppression.”   Brooklyn College: “In a university program for mental health professionals, Jews are told they must identify as white, are called privileged, and are accused of being oppressors…”


In my Guest Column, https://www.israelhayom.com/opinions/all-who-are-woke-go-back-to-sleep/   I asked, “Is “white Jewish privilege” a thing? We had the “privilege” of being persecuted for centuries by Christians for rejecting Jesus and by Muslims for rejecting Muhammad; denied the right to vote, hold citizenship or own property; crowded into ghettos; denied admission to universities; rounded up and killed in pogroms; scattered to the ends of the earth; beheaded, raped and enslaved; and butchered by the millions in the Holocaust while the world looked on. And today we have the very special “white privilege” of record numbers of hate crimes against Jews worldwide – more so than any other religious group…”

My skin is pale. My hair is blonde. My mother’s ancestors fled the Spanish Inquisition to Morocco, were forced to flee yet again, when Israel became a legal nation. My father’s family ran for their lives from the pogroms of Poland to America. Oppressor? As a Jew, I will go to my grave first before anyone will ever force me to stand up and declare myself an oppressor.

Being a Zionist is already equated with being an oppressor. So what’s next? Being forced to wear a big yellow Star of David as part of a “diversity oppressor training”? Think that is as improbable as of today, when Jews fear to  leave their homes with visible signs of their Jewishness???

Ginette Weiner
Scottsdale, AZ


American Jews Must Wake Up!

Dear Editor,

Why are so many of our people ignorant of what’s happening to us around the world? Why are so many left leaning Jews standing up for those who wish us dead? Look at Israel where PM Netanyahu has fought off the Palestinian threat for years, yet so many of his citizens are itching to remove him from office and replace him with a radical Left leader who would instantly cave in to threats of those who would make Israel disappear? Of course, those opposed to Bibi are supported by our current President Biden and the entire Democrat Party.

Congresswoman Ilhan Omar does not get many headlines in the New York Times. They keep her and her plans under wraps. But it’s obvious what her plans are for American Jews and Israel. She wants both to disappear. So why are so many of our people in support of her party? Look at Bernie Sanders, who appears to speak as a Jew yet is as far removed from being one as there is. We have groups such as J Street, Jewish Voice for Peace and Americans for Peace Now, all viciously anti Israel. Yet they consist of Jews leading them.

American Jews must wake up to the hate generated by our own Democrat leaders against us Jews. We must support the likes of former President Trump and Senator Cruz, both non-Jews, but they are the fiercest supporters of our survival. Compare them to the likes of Chuck Schumer, Gerald Nadler and Debbie Schultz, who should be in the forefront of supporting Israel and the survival of American Jewry. But they are not there.  American Jews should wake up and finally decide to move to the right, politically in order to save themselves, their families and prevent another Holocaust. Can the do it? They better! The clock is ticking.

Anna Hurwitz
Long island

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