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Kids in the Crosshairs of the “Trans” Agenda

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The art of rhetoric and debate is part of the fabric of a normal, functioning society. Debating issues, events, and even objective “truth” or “falsehoods”, enlightens society with knowledge and clarity. Knowledge and clarity are vital to society, because of the inherent truths which are exposed to the masses. The absence of truth causes a tsunami of naiveness, fakery, ulterior motivators, and a society based on palpable mendacity.

As the world comes out of “Pride” Month, a realization of where society is, is coming to the surface. “Pride” Month started as a commemoration of the events of the Stonewall Uprising on June 28th, 1969, where police officers raided a “gay bar” in NYC, which caused a 6-day riot with the police. One of the definitions that Oxford Language gives for the word ‘pride’ is “confidence and self-respect as expressed by members of a group, typically one that has been socially marginalized, based on their shared identity, culture, and experience”. Modern society is pretty accepting of all. Morally, homosexuality is something that G-d does not want, why would a society then, which believes in G-d not only accept but be proud of something abominable? Tolerating people’s rights and human dignity is one thing; beyond that, what more acceptance or celebration is there?

If that is too “extreme”, how did a DAY commemorating an event become a “celebration” about the idea of “pride” for a MONTH? If that is too extreme, how did an event about fighting for basic rights for gays and lesbians, make gays, and lesbians into a community with other “identities”, while also implying that these people are still under threat today? If that is still too “extreme”, how did an event which was about fighting for equal rights turn into a full YEAR indoctrination session towards innocent kids? If that is still too “extreme”, how did this event turn into the normalization of advocating to kids to mutilate, irreversibly, their private parts?! At this point, if that position is too “extreme”, society might be irreversible.

Politics used to be about debate on tax policy, healthcare policy, environmental policy, and anything else that ended with “policy”, now we are here as a society debating about what a man and a woman are. We are making theories into realities. Debating theories, including gender theory, or critical race theory, might make a good theory debate, but it in no way makes for good policy. It instead corrupts society in a way that has been unseen in modern times. We live in a society that now considers those that have questions about “transgender” people as “hateful”. We live in a country, where society not only accepts fiction as fact but promotes fiction as if it is better than fact.

Defining a man or a woman is one issue, but actively supporting indoctrinating kids with gender theory and promoting medical castration surgeries to adults and children is completely insane! How can a society function when objective biology and fact are labeled as “transphobic”, or as a “danger to democracy”? The truth is it cannot.

In 2019, a teenage girl in British Columbia, like many undergoing puberty, had questions about her biological realities. Experiencing different sexual drives and the like is the norm for teenagers, but because of society, she thought it was her reality. Under the unfortunate impression that she could change her gender, she demanded a sex change. Her father denied the hospital to do the change. However, a Canadian court overruled the father, allowing the undeveloped teenage girl to get permanent surgery. The father later refused to refer to her by her “pronouns” and was sentenced to prison for his “crime”.

That was just one case in one random providence in Canada; think of how many more cases there are in not-so-random places like New York City, Los Angeles, or even your town. The time of anyone; liberal, conservative, libertarian, independent, “accepting” and “tolerating” this indoctrination is not just unacceptable; it is being complicit in an evil political cult.

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