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Thursday, September 28, 2023

Egyptian policeman who killed IDF soldiers is identified

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(A7) Egyptian media on Monday identified the policeman who carried out a terror attack on the Egypt-Israel border as Mohammad Salah, 22.

Salah was a resident of the Ain Shams neighborhood in Cairo, Egypt. He enlisted in the Egyptian army about one year ago, and served as a police officer on the country’s border with Israel.

Recently, Salah began to complain about the conditions of his service, and was absent from service for nearly three weeks, after which he returned to base. He is reported to have suffered mental difficulties following the death of a comrade in his unit, and an Egyptian source even raised the claim that the Salah was seeking to avenge his friend’s death.

In the past, Salah also expressed support for Gazan terror, and in a Facebook post during Operation Guardian of the Walls in 2021, he wrote, “Allah is standing with Palestine,” and tagged, “Gaza under attack.”

Early on Saturday morning, he carried out a terror attack, killing two Israeli soldiers. A third IDF soldier was killed during an operation to locate and arrest the terrorist.

On Monday morning, Israel returned Salah’s body to Egypt, as part of the two countries’ cooperation on the incident and due to Israel’s desire to maintain a positive relationship with Egypt and the fact that there is no security-related reason for Israel to keep the body.

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