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Opposition MK urges: Freeze judicial reform for at least a year

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(A7) Former IDF Chief of Staff MK Gadi Eizenkot (National Unity) believes that Israel should freeze talks on the judicial reform for at least a year.

Speaking to Channel 12‘s “Meet the Press” program, Eizenkot said, “The State of Israel has absorbed a strategic turnaround, and the prices are clear – in security, in the economy, socially, and here is the question: Is it possible to make progress in the discussions held in the President’s Residence? And I praise the President for the temporary calm which he has succeeded in creating, but no progress has been made, so how can we move forward?”

He continued, “My personal position says that after months of discussions, we need to do what is good for the State of Israel, and that is to take this gun off the table for at least one year, to decide that we are discussing the Judicial Selection Committee, that there will be no political overtaking of the committee, that we define a basis for future legislation, and we appoint an agreed-upon public committee, we give it a year, and we block the potential for legislation for one year, in order to give certainty back to this country.”

“We need to begin a process already in another two weeks, and therefore some of the people have marked the fifteenth of June as their target. I am examining, factually, what progress has been made in the past two months, other than mapping out the issues and the positive atmosphere. So a unilateral walkout and ruining the discussions is a negative thing,” Eizenkot added.

He went on to claim, “I am looking six months back, and I see what this government has done to the State of Israel in just six months. And we have to ask why. [Prime Minister Benjamin] Netanyahu has a new government, he can dictate policy, but he is not dictating the policy.”

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