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ISEF 46th Anniversary Gala Benefit to Be Held in New York City

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ISEF 46th Anniversary Gala Benefit to Be Held in New York City

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On Monday May 15, 2023, the Israel Scholarship Education Foundation (ISEF) will hold its 46th Anniversary Gala Benefit Dinner in New York.

ISEF gala honoree, Chaim Katzman


At this event, the Foundation will bestow the ISEF Lifetime Achievement Award on Chaim Katzman, Founder and CEO of G-City (formerly Gazit Globe). Mr. Katzman is not only a leader in international real estate, but a major philanthropist and civic visionary.  Among his many philanthropic endeavors, Mr. Katzman has enabled hundreds of Israeli teens from the Negev’s underserved communities to earn diplomas with high marks through ISEF’s Bridge to College program.  Additionally, ISEF’s most promising women students have earned M.D. degrees thanks to the Dr. Shulamit Katzman z”l Medical Scholarship Fund which Mr. Katzman established in ISEF to perpetuate the legacy of his late first wife.


One of the Fund’s beneficiaries, Dr. Rey Biton, from the Negev town of Kiryat Malakhi, recently made headlines leading Israel’s medical residents in their fight for better working conditions and improved healthcare delivery. Dr. Biton will attend the gala in person to bestow ISEF’s Lifetime Achievement Award on Mr. Katzman.

ISEF alumna, Dr. Rey Biton


ISEF’s leaders are deeply moved and proud to honor Chaim Katzman for his extraordinary commitment to ISEF and to improving life for Israel’s underserved population. “We are very grateful for Mr. Katzman’s exemplary generosity and leadership,” says ISEF President Carlos Benaim.


Founded in 1977 by a group of Sephardic Jewish philanthropists headed by the late Edmond and Lily Safra z”l, together with Nina Avidar Weiner, ISEF’s founding president, ISEF’s work has empowered over 8,000 bright young Israelis from immigrant and marginalized communities to pursue higher education with ISEF’s wraparound support throughout. ISEF’s track record – a graduation rate of 98%! – has transformed the face of Israel’s economy and society, enabling its alumni to become leaders:  heads of hospitals, world renowned scientists, Knesset members and mayors, college presidents, judges, professors, engineers, doctors, architects, and more.


Carlos Benaim says:  “The ISEF community acts as a unifying force in Israeli society. Especially now, we see this event as enabling ISEF’s loyal supporters to feel more connected than ever, and as giving new supporters the opportunity to help build a better Israel by helping to educate its young people from the periphery. When you meet our students and hear their life stories – some from families of ten children, with parents who never got any education, and yet here they are, studying for a degree at The Hebrew University or the Technion, and inspiring siblings to follow in their footsteps – then you know you are doing essential work, transforming young lives that might have gone to waste but for ISEF’s steady support.”


For more information, please visit ISEFfoundation.org and connect with the ISEF Foundation on social media via Facebook, Linkedin, and Twitter.



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